Roll To Hit First Look

Lucas takes a First Look at Century Spice Road by Plan B Games! The road to lavish gaming riches is treacherous so make sure you are well prepared for your journey by watching this!


Around The Table


Hello all and happy mid-week! Most if not all fantasy RPG gamers know that if you ask a dwarf “who builds it best” they will look at you like you’re slow and then exclaim “E’ry one knows dwarfs do!”. The folks over at Dwarven Forge will certainly tell you so too! From Dungeon to Tavern, Away mission to Ten Forward™ the crew at Dwarven Forge have you covered if you want to represent your gaming environments in 3D. They also have links to painting tutorials for their pieces for those new to painting and want to get the most out of their Dwarven Forge terrain.

Daily Die


Morning options, and which witch…

  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: More news on the new sourcebook that is coming from a galaxy far, far away today as we get a slight peek between the hyperdrives! Dawn of Rebellion is the name and its influence is inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™ and the Star Wars Rebels™. The book has six universal specializations along with narrative to nit an air tight backstory for your characters. Also within its pages are four new species that can be chosen by players, each with their own unique traits and history. Dawn of Rebellion will be available in quarter 4 of 2017.

How many Jawas does it take to screw in a power converter?

  • Pathfinder RPG: A new player companion is available in the form of Blood of the Coven for Pathfinder! This companion is explores everything it is to be a witch in Golarion, be you a Theodora or a Glinda. This game update contains a more detailed look into changelings, new witchcraft and hag oriented archetypes, and more spells and rituals than you can shake a broomstick at. It’s what every skilled witch needs before Halloween gets here!

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and caldron bubble…

Daily Die


Only the lonely…

  • Star Wars Destiny: Fantasy Flight Games has announced today a new set of starter sets and boosters for Star Wars Destiny. Legacies has a 160 card booster set along with starter sets featuring Luke Skywalker and another with Boba Fett! Additionally in this new set we will see a new die symbol as well as a new card type. You can pre-order any or all of these at your FLGS or via FFG’s website.

Game Time Decision

“We’ve done our duty. Andy’s grown up.”Sarge (Toy Story)

The wonderful thing about this week’s Game Time Decision is that even if you are a grown up this game reminds you that you are never too old to play with toy sized troops! Windup War will have your game group trying to out fox each other in order to claim total victory!


From the Website: When the kids are away, the toys come out to play…AND FIGHT! Welcome to ””Windup War””! Turn the keys and spring into battle! Assemble your army of toys, then command them in combat to be the last army standing! Ready? WINDUP THE WAR!

In Windup War you plan your army’s course of action to take down the armies surrounding you! Program your units’ actions and strategically snipe your targets! Be the last toy army standing to win!

Windup War features adorably toyetic graphics in miniature and portable packs! Each faction is a super-cute size, and is ready to fight wherever you go. With six different units per faction, each with unique weapons, there are dozens of configurations for your army; try different combinations to find your favorite strategy! Windup War is easy to pick up and quick to play, with a playtime of about 15-30 minutes for 2-6 players.

From RTHG Staff (Brandon): When this game was first placed on the table for game night it instantly gave me one of those “Christmas morning” warm smiles. I grew up with all kinds of toy soldiers, many of which are closely depicted in the artwork for Windup War. Truth be told I still do some war gaming and with past and present history detailed it was no mystery that I would find this game appealing.

The game has six factions which play with their own level of uniqueness. Each turn you choose 5 cards from your hand and place them face down in front of you in a “1 through 5” order based on which cards you want to kick off first. There are many various effects outside of dealing damage which allows for significant choice in how you want attack your foes. Once everyone is set you simultaneously flip your cards in order and watch the mayhem unfold!

Sounds simple? Well, it certainly is…to learn. There is most assuredly a level of strategy behind card choice and programming (order) choice that makes Windup War a game I think is very favorable to many replays to figure out different card synergies (which are influenced by your draw which means you need to find multiple pairings/orderings).

If you saw our Impressions on Windup War you may have noted that Lucas mentioned that players can be eliminated before game end. He said that it wasn’t such an issue for him as the games don’t take very long. I absolutely agree. The downtime experienced upon elimination I found of strengthened my desire to play the next game and adjust the choices I made in the last game.

This game’s relatively small size makes it a great travel game as well. My sincere hope is that Katie Khau and Jessica Chu are working up other factions to add to this base game. Windup War will get your game night in gear!

Daily Die


Tiny defending, surviving space, elven invasion, and samurai showdowns…

  • Tiny Epic Defenders: Heads up Tiny Epic fans as the Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War & TED 2nd Edition kickstarter is live! It is only 13 days long and currently at $134K of its $15K minimum goal as well has achieved each of its stretch goals. Its a tiny box so that can’t have too many stretch goals or else it won’t be so tiny. There’s also a legacy pledge of sorts open to folks who have a proof of purchase for the 1st edition of Tiny Epic Defenders in addition to the normal pledges.

If you have two pockets, then these two boxes should be in them!

  • Endure the Stars: Also new on kickstarter is Endure the Stars which is a cooperative Sci-Fi dungeon crawl geared for 1 to 6 players. The story is that you are part of a crew on a colonization ship and things went wrong. Bad wrong. Scientist decided it was a good idea to create a life form to explore the planet you were going to colonize. Said life form decides it isn’t so keen on that idea and instead that killing all humans and taking over ship sounds much more fun! So begins turn 1! The game also features some pretty cool looking miniatures which can easily be used for other gaming if you weren’t into its base game. Endure the Stars has met its minimum goal and is pushing forward into its stretch goals.

Hey, did you send that last holopic to your cousin Ripley?


Stay off my forest lawn!

  • Legend of the Five Rings: Fantasy Flight games has also officially launched their LCG Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game today as well! Players can now pick a great clan to serve and lead into conflict against the other pretender clans. You should be able to find the cards at your FLGS or your favorite e-store. Additionally FFG has made available the beta rules for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG they are working on! If samurai drama screams “right in my wheelhouse!” to you then you might want to check these beta rules out.

Serve you masters with honor, and you will prevail.

Daily Die


Know yourself, infinity and beyond, pulling strings, and spending caps…

  • The Master’s Trials: AEG today has given us an look under the hood for their upcoming game The Master’s Trials! This update covers the major parts that make up your individual martial arts master which consists of a Class, Order, and Weapon. Currently there looks to be four of each of those and each grants access to their specific cards which you shuffle together to form your play deck. As last time The Master’s Trails will be available for sale in November as well as a pre-release during Spiel Essen in October.

Choose wisely, grasshopper!

  •  First Martians: Portal Games has a US release report on their new title First Martians and it looks like the landing was successful! One small step! The folks at Portal also give a heads up on new content that is coming as well as a hearty thanks to everyone that made this launch a win.

Marge, is that Douglas Quaid over there?

  • Illuminati: Illuminati has been around for a long, long, looooong time and Steve Jackson has decided that it was time for an update to the…or I should say of the game. So that’s what is happening! SJG has given a small look at what will change with the game getting it ready for a (hopefully) 2018 relaunch. Jackson informs that as the game is in part based on how the real world is turning that several groups in the game were essentially obsolete and thus removed and/or reshaped. Will be interesting to see this in its new form in its final version. Those of you who can’t wait, however, can join the playtest here!

Who masters the Masters?

  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: More happy news over the wasteland radio! Pre-orders are now available and if you order over £120 you will receive a Special Event Miniature the Nuka Cola Girl along with here associated play cards! Time to go count the ways I’m getting in trouble with the wife today!

Dogmeat and his cousin Meatdog have to save their two-legged pets yet again!

Around The Table


Hello all and welcome yet again to another installment of Around The Table! This week we have for you a website that I have had bookmarked for a few years now as they have one of the most extensive offerings of miniatures bases that I have seen. The bases aren’t just for war gaming my friends. You can use them easily with your favorite miniatures based board games if the miniatures are of the correct size.Their signature product is their Tablescapes™ line which consists of injection molded 1′ x 1′ plastic tiles with surfaces shaped into various types of terrain. Their system allows you to link these tiles together to create “your” battlefield.  Secret Weapon Miniatures is a site that should not be kept secret as with a little time spent reviewing their bases to find the right aesthetic match you will greatly increase the fidelity and value of your game night pursuits!

Daily Die


Surviving the wastes, mini pathfinding, warring the wastes, and inquiring fangs…

  • Fallout: The apocalypse will be coming soon to a FLGS near youe and the folks at FFG thought it would be nice to help your prepare! A new survival guide is up showing you six ways to increase your chances of coming out on top in caps, and out smarting raiders and super mutants. Still no eta on the game however you can pre-order your copy via FFG’s site or your FLGS.

Will the next hex contain that Fat Man weapons cache or Super Mutants?

  • Pathfinder: Paizo continues its efforts to help with your back issues by miniaturizing a few more of its books. Pocket Editions of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 2 as well as the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Equipment are joining the fray! These lighter tomes possess all the same information for game play as their larger editions so no worries about missing out on key information. You can purchase both of these now.

The book may be smaller but the monsters are the same size!

  • Fallout: Wasteland Warfare: The guys at Modiphius have recently released a couple of videos (with more to come) of the game play. Really enjoy the different special dice used for play as well as the V.A.T.S. system being incorporated for Heroic characters. So ready for this game!

See, this is what happens when you don’t close the Vault door!

  • Blood Bound: FFG’s upcoming game Blood Bound is all about vampire social intrigue. Today we get a look at the Inquisitor which is a clan less character bent on seeking out the truths of the Blood Bound world, even if said truths are lies. They have no allies except that of the Secret Order which, based on the theme I wouldn’t put much stock in. You can pre-order Blood Bound at your FLGS or from the FFG e-store.

Truth is a lie which you are convinced.