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Draconic narrative, man cows, faring in space, and fantasy fire fighters…

  • Legacy of Dragonholt: Hot out of the gaming think tank at Fantasy Flight Games is a new Narrative Adventure Game set in the Runebound universe called Legacy of Dragonholt. The game allows one to six players to build a character and take them through a story where they make critical choices that have an immediate and long term effect. Dragonholt is the first game from Fantasy Flight Games to use their Oracle System and will be available in quarter 4, 2017!


  • Blood Bowl: Chosen, Renegade, and Chaos Dwarf players rejoice: The Minotaur will be making his way to a pitch near you soon! Additionally the Underworld Denizens and Chaos Renegades will be able to pretty up their sidelines with faction specific coins in the near future. No guarantees your lucky will change!


  • Gaia Project: Z-Man Games has announced a follow-up to their game Terra Mystica with the upcoming Gaia Project. Players take on the role as a leader of one of fourteen civilizations that have recently gained a method to traverse from planet to planet. Having such ability and possessing a planetary green thumb, their civilization sets out to explore and settle the many wondrous planets of the galaxy. Colonize planets, build strategic structures and form federations of the planets you control as you march toward galactic victory! Gaia Project will be arriving soon.


  • The Brigade: You like ogres, elves and dwarves? You get a kick out of putting out fires? We have the game for you. The Brigade from Red Genie Games is currently on kickstarter and is set to allow you to act out your civil servant dreams in a high fantasy setting. Players take on the role of one of the games Fire Wardens and proceed to put together their dream fire vanquishing crew. Then, you guessed it, they go about the work of keeping the hamlet of Tindebox fire free. The Brigade has met its original goal and is working through stretch goals with 23 days to go.


Daily Die


Latari ronin, Portal hugs your FLGS, and HALT!…

  • Runewars Miniatures Game: A new troop type comes to the field of battle for the Latari Elves in the form of the Darnati Warriors Unit Expansion! These hermetic warriors roam Latari lands becoming one with their two handed swords until the call of battle is sounded. They then form units and join their fellow Latari to defend against all that would invade the Aymhelin Forest. Their three blue die melee attack gives them a high probability to get that Surge result to trigger their Lethal 1 keyword meaning more hits! Look for the Darnati Warriors this coming 4th quarter of 2017.


  • Portal Games: If you are a fan of Portal Games then you need to make sure your FLGS knows this news. Portal has announced its Retailer Support Program with a goal to “…grow a local fan base, support gaming communities and give players more chances to meet other gamers through gaming events – and thus ensure, they will return to your shop.” That is an all around good thing as the experience of a well run FLGS with a solid, helpful, fun-loving community is a thing most gamers cherish and way too many don’t have. If you’ve never played a game for which the designers backed it with events and such, it certainly enhances the overall experience of playing the game with others. Then there is also the getting your hands on games before many others. So go, ply your FLGS owner with tribute and get them to sign up!


  • Who Goes There?: Ever saw the movie The Thing? That movie seriously creeped me out. Well, Certifiable Studios has made a board game based on the book that inspired The Thing called Who Goes There that is on kickstarter. It’s a survival game where you play the different characters from the book and you have to gather equipment, sometime fashioning it into new items, that will allow you to combat the various threats around you. You have to venture out to secure the items you need, but that leaves you vulnerable to those dangers and, The Thing! There are 8 more days left to back the game so if check it out, if you dare.


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Anti-social heroes, and a gathering of frogs…

  • Runebound (Third Edition): A new expansion is available in the form of Unbreakable Bonds for Runebound 3rd. This expansion forces the normally solo inclined heroes of Terrinoth to band together to face a threat greater than they could handle individually. It also introduces the new heroes Eliam (duel wielding rogue) and Tatianna (bow using huntress). You can find a copy of this expansion at your FLGS or preferred e-store today!


  • Flying Frog Productions: Attention all you fans of Flying Frog Productions games. FFP has announced DiceFest 2017 which will be “…two days of Flying Frog games, events, contests, tournaments, panels, and previews!” This event will be held in Redmond, WA from October 28-29. Being that close to Halloween I would imagine creatively themed costumes will be in order! Order your passes prior to August 31st and receive a discounted price (which the remainder can be used toward that upgrade to a first class on your flight!!!).


Daily Die


Eaves and screens, iron horse banditry, all you need, and a small debut…

  • Adventures in Middle-earth: Loremasters are getting a nice accessory in the form of the Eaves of Mirkwood & Loremaster’s Screen. This pack contains a four panel Loremaster’s screen, a 32-page adventure, six pre-generated characters, and a list of suggestions for the Warden and Scholar classes. The PDF will be available sometime this month (5 days left!) and the hard copy version can be expected this October!


  • Train Heist: Saddle up! Train Heist from Cryptozoic Entertainment has now officially broken out of jail and is right to rob a few trains! ‘Course those trains need robbin’, ya see, on a count that evil sheriff and his “respectable” buddies have been stealing the hard earned money of the townsfolk. Time to get it back! You can find Train Heist at your FLGS or favorite e-store. Go on, git!


  • Carcassonne Big Box 2017: The folks at Z-Man Games have announced the 2017 Carcassonne Big Box! This version will include Inns & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders, The Abbot, The River, The Flying Machines, The Ferries, The Messengers, The Gold Mines, Mage & Witch, The Robbers, and The Crop Circles. If you have been waiting to get into Carcassonne this box is certainly a very good way to do it.


  • Gamelyn Games: More goodies for those of you going to Gen Con 50! Gamelyn has announced that copies of the Deluxe version of Tiny Epic Quest will be on sale at their booth (3027) on the show floor. Deluxe versions of other games will be available as well. Additionally there will be a “…near production copy…” of Heroes of Land, Air & Sea for your viewing pleasure.


Around The Table


It’s hump day and time for another introduction on Around The Table! This week we share with you a company based in England that is a family affair producing high quality gaming accessories. Harps Corp makes hero boxes, deck boxes, dice towers and trays, dice boxes, and gaming tables. One item they produce of particular note are 2D Dungeon boxes. The boxes come in a small (96 figures) or large (171 figures) variation and contain 2D versions of miniatures of creatures and npcs you would encounter in a fantasy based RPG. Very neat!

Daily Die


Winter has come, it takes a village, red September?/October?/November?, and game store talk…

  • A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game: The game is now live on kickstarter and within a few hours has now passed its minimum funding goal of $300K! It has also made all four stretch goals (Sandor Clegane ($325K), Maege Mormont ($350K), Guard Captain ($375K), and Sworn Sword Captain ($400K)…and looks to keep blowing through goals as they are added) and I assume (hope) there will be more stretch goals planned with more troop types and characters. Currently there is one kickstarter exclusive in the Non-Combat Unit (NCU) The High Seneschal which is a Mercenary unit that can serve any faction. Personally hope to see a Dorne faction soon!


  • Pathfinder: Coming soon for your RPG gaming delight a new map pack that allows your group to truly visualize the aesthetics of that small hamlet you are stopping in for the night on your way to big mighty dungeon! Village Sites has 18 map tiles that include in their number a pub, a cottage, a warehouse, and a fountain that allow you to mix and match and set the exact scenery you want. Pre-order is available now with PDF version expected to arrive August 17th and hopefully the hard copy version soon after.


  • Sonar: Asmodee has recently announced a “family version” of Captain Sonar titled Sonar which is to be exclusively sold at Target stores for now. The game intends to capture the excitement of Captain Sonar in pitting two teams against each other in a “Hunt for Red October” cat and mouse underwater duel yet pare down the number of players needed to play. Sonar teams consist of only two positions: Captain and Radio Operator (leaving out the Chief-Mate and Engineer from the original). Look for Sonar at a Target near you coming this fall.


  • Portal Games: Want to open a brick and mortar game store? Have one already and interested in some good advice? Heading to Gen Con 50? Well, you’re in luck! Ignacy Trzewiczek from Portal games will be on hand with a seminar talking about his experience running a B&M in this e-store age. Getting insights from one of board gaming’s leading figures about how to garner success…especially if you are going to gen Con anyway…is a no-brainer if running a game store well is your goal.