Roll To Hit Gaming Monthly

Join Lucas, Jo, and Chip as they review the games played during the month of November! They also look back at some their experience at BGG Con. We’ll also take a look at our progress regression on the Shelf of Shame Challenge!


Roll To Hit Favorite 15

The season for gift giving to the ones you love is fast approaching and Chip, Jo, and Lucas have put together a list of their Favorite 15 games for 2017 to get for a friend or for yourself! Get your list as you’ll be sure to want to add many of these titles for those both naughty and nice!

BGG Con 2017

Chip, Jo, and Lucas spent the last few days soaking up all things gaming at Board Game Geek Con 2017! It was a chance to see some new games as well as have a few sit downs with some of the industry’s best and brightest. Grab your favorite drink and snack and take a seat at the table to see what they found! (More Cold Water Crown and Agents of Mayhem please!)