That New Game Smell


Hey, folks, Brandon here welcoming you to the new Roll To Hit Gaming Blog! This new site will give us another avenue to bring coverage of all the new and existing games that keep us looking forward to game night as well as gaming news and events that pique our interest. It’s almost as exciting as breaking the cellophane on that brand new game you’ve been waiting months to arrive and having that “fresh from the factory” aroma assault your senses! Yes?

Okay, maybe that’s just me, but I have a feeling if you are here it’s you too.

We still have a few things to iron out as far as the type and frequency of specific content that we will be sharing here on the blog in addition to the updates that you will receive when new video content is published to our youtube channel.

I look forward to the adventure ahead of us and I hope it is one that finds us kicking, screaming and rolling dice!