Critical Hit



Hello folks and welcome to April’s Roll To Hit Gaming’s choice for Critcal Hit! The pick goes to Top Shelf Gamer, an accessory and upgrade web-store for all your gaming needs.

As a gamer, we all have that desire to have the most eye-pleasing rendition of our games, always in a constant search for better bits to make our gameplay more satisfying. But, unless you invest in the expense of the Kickstarter Exclusive Premium options, most retail versions come with the industry standard…little wooden blocks, paper money (yuck) and cardboard tokens.

The more well-known titans of the accessory industry, Broken Token and Meeple Source have eye-catching bits and trays, but may be in a price point that has to be budgeted for. Or, if you have the time, you can scour the depths of Etsy for more extravagant pieces, created by artisans… but that too is a shot in the dark to see if one of them have the items you are looking for, causing multiple small purchases.

Finding components can be a beast of a challenge, but Top Shelf Gamer takes away all that time and aggravation spent by being your oasis in the desert. They are a reseller of upgrade components from other well-known vendors, including Meeple Source bits and Stonemaier Treasure Chests. Their selection also includes coins – organization trays/ foam inserts – promos – playmats and much, much more. As an added bonus, you can search by a specific game and see all the items they have available for that game.

All in all, Top Self Gamer will be the first place I look when I am on a mission to enhance one of my games. They take pride in being that one stop shop for their fellow gamers at reasonable prices. But, don’t take my word for it, check them out at From Roll to Gaming, this is Jo, game on!



Critical Hit



Hello folks and welcome to March’s Roll To Hit Gaming’s choice for Critical Hit! The pick goes to Cool Mini Or Not as a game design and publishing company which is a very long way from their foundation as a website created in the “hot or not” style for painted miniatures. Credit is certainly due as they looked beyond their foundation, branched out and have grown their portfolio and done so with a great degree of success. Their financial numbers released this March showing the increases comparing year end 2015 and year 2016 show significant positive gains.

Cool Mini Or Not has of late brought more than a few board and miniature games to the market. Some of them like Rum and Bones, Xenoshyft and Blood Rage are critically acclaimed making various “Top of” lists from around board gaming’s media. Blood Rage is currently ranked 17th (at the time of this article’s posting) on Board Game Geek’s ratings listing.

The main reason they received this month’s nomination (aside from providing me with some enjoyable gaming time across several games) is for what they have been doing of late to shore up in-house talent. Cool Mini or Not has at the beginning of 2017 made significant moves to add well respected players in the game design and hobby fields with the additions of Mike McVey in February and both Eric Lang and Adrian Smith in March. If you check the pedigree of those three guys I’m sure you will have played and enjoyed something they have put their hands on if you have been gaming for more than 3 or 4 years. It won’t have been just a regular “something” either with it most likely having been a game well received by the overall gaming audience.

Cool Mini Or Not is also taking advantage of crowd funding via kickstarter to bring their ideas to market which has the added benefit of producing games that people want made. If a company is honest with themselves about the cost involved for them to make a profit and deliver the product relatively on time they can and will experience success via kickstarter. If their products are good, they will have continued success. Cool Mini Or Not is doing just that. Their current kickstarter for Rising Sun finishes up later today and is currently over 1200% funded, at $3.7+ million of its asking goal of $300K. When you next consider that Cool Mini Or Not has plans for later this year a kickstarter to A Song of Ice & Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game, tapping into the hot A Game of Thrones IP gold that other companies like Fantasy Flight Games have also done, the future looks bright!


Critical Hit!


Hey folks and welcome to our inaugural Roll To Hit gaming Critical Hit! article. The Critical Hit! article will be a end of the month article in which a member of the RTHG staff will pick “something” gaming related, be it a game, accessories, a developer/publisher, etc., that they feel impressed them or contributed greatly in some manner to the staff member’s gaming experience for that month. This is just our way of giving a shout out to products and people that continue to raise the bar or push the limit of our gaming hobby.

My Critical Hit! for January 2017 is going to be Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. I was introduced to this game a few years ago by other members of the RTHG staff and must admit when I first saw it I was  “It’s Star Wars so that’s cool”. Shortly there after I saw the movement dials, had an “O’rly” moment and I’ve been an addict from then on.

I love the tactical element of this game in trying to out maneuver your opponent to line up the best possible shot while considering the synergies of your ship upgrades to deliver that killing blow to your foe. There is a great variety of ships and equally a number of pilot abilities to choose from across three factions (Imperial, Rebel, Scum) that allow for great flexibility in finding a group of ships that suits your playstyle/theme.

Specifically my reason for choosing this game for this month is that I played in two competitive tournaments this month and had a blast in both. Fantasy Flight games does an awesome job with supporting its products via the Organized Play (OP) system which provides quarterly tournament kits that offer unique acrylic tokens and alternate art cards as prizes. The OP systems also scales to to regional, national and global levels of tournament and event play as well. This month I played in an OP for Q1 and additionally the X-Wing Regional Tournament in Dallas, TX.

If you are a Star Wars fan and enjoy the thought of dogfighting with your own little squadron of spaceships then I’d highly recommend you check out this game!