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Fancy characters, MoO cards, Beyond here, and final countdown…

  • Starfinder: The impending official release of Starfinder sees more official product finding its way out to entice us to just give Paizo our money. The Player Character Folio is now available bringing you expanded space for character information and stats, quick reference charts, extra tracking gear space, and more. A total of 16 pages to chronicle the life and times of your space faring persona. You can order from Paizo direct now and at your favorite e-store in a day or two, and at your FLGS soon.


  • Master of Orion: Conquest: Studied fans of the 4X video gaming genre (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) will immediately recognize the Master of Orion IP as being one of the foundation IP of said genre. Tabletop gaming fans that love 4Xs will be excited to hear of the joint endeavor of War Gaming Labs and Catalyst Game Labs to bring us Master of Orion: Conquest! MoO:C will be a dueling deckbuilding game and the reported first in a line of tabletop games based on the universe. Interested gamers heading to Gen Con will have a chance to check it out at he Catalyst booth.


  • D&D Beyond: Dutiful reminder that D&D Beyond has officially launched today. It will be interesting to see how well it is received and what effect it will have as far as spurring other RPGs to follow suit.


  • Gen Con 50: Additional reminder that Gen Gon 50 starts tomorrow. If you are going, I’m jealous. Have fun, be safe and game on!


Daily Die


Charge of the wight brigade, civilized board gaming, getting the gang back together, and 1st cons…

  • Runewars Miniatures Game: Fantasy Flight Games has given us a look at the cavalry troops for the Waiqar army with an update on the Death Knights Unit Expansion box. This unit wielding one blue and two red attack dice when factoring their Impact keyword can dish out a respectable amount of damage. Their presence is something Waiqar commanders will take comfort in when facing the armored cavalry of those pesky Daqan military. This update also gives us a look at the Shield of Margath and the Obcasium’s Gauntlet, two items that will bolster your units and force your opponent to rethink engaging your Death Knights. Look for this expansion at your favorite e-store or FLGS in quarter 3, 2017.


  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn: Fantasy Flight Games has also announced a new board game with the reveal of Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn! This version presents players with an undiscovered land to conquer and gives them various agenda goals to accomplish that help push them toward domination. Folks familiar with the CIV games will find many of the multiple avenues toward victory you’d expect as well as the technology race that partly defines the CIV series. Look for this game to hit retailers in quarter 4, 2017.


  • Necromunda: Necromunda is truly coming back this time with the latest announcement from Games Workshop! The starter box will have the rulebook, templates and basics needed to play to include a starting Escher gang as well as a Goliath gang. Very interested to see the updates to the miniatures, especially the Van Saar! Currently no eta on this new new release.


  • HASCON: Hasbro is launching their first gaming convention this year with HASCON which will run from September 8-10, 2017. Tickets are now available so if you are near to Providence, Rhode Island or have wanted another excuse to travel to the region now is your chance. The con will allows goers a chance to play many of Hasbro’s games of all genre, and there will be a significant Wizards presence showcasing Dungeons & Dragons 5E, in particular the Tomb of Annihilation related material. The con will be (intend to be) kid friendly/family friendly with youngsters 2 and under having free admission. Additionally kids aged 3-15 can have an opportunity to audition for a Hasbro commercial.


Daily Die


The fourth Imperium, deserted outposts, who you gonna call, and get ready for a surprise…

  • Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition: Galactic conquerors rejoice! Fantasy Flight Games has announced the fourth iteration of the evening empire in Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition. This edition celebrates the 20th anniversary of the game and comes with a limited content pre-order program which nets you the game’s rulebooks bound together in hardback that will have expanded fiction and content, and also two limited edition 11″x 17″ art prints with 20th anniversary commemorative branding. You can pre-order now (and if you want the swag you better go now) at your FLGS or the FFG store and the game will release later in the 4th quarter of 2017.


  • Pathfinder: More often than not on Golarion there is always something keeping paradise from being just that! The newest adventure path The Lost Outpost is just such another trip that starts out with illusions of grandeur and when you arrive you are left wondering what the heck happened. Gather your crew and prepare to set out to solve the case of where the heck did the whole colony of Talmandor’s Bounty go in this kick off of the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path. Perfect excuse to roll/role that new character!


  • Ghostbusters: The Board game II: “If there’s somethin’ strange in the neighborhood
    Who ya gonna call (ghostbusters)”!
    Cryptozoic Entertainment along with Ghost Corps and Sony Pictures Consumer Products have announced the imminent release of Ghostbusters: The Board Game II coming this August 23rd! Battle Vigo’s army, Mood Slime, and a host of other obstacles while protecting the big apple from the paranormal. What could be better? Well, on September 20th this stand alone expansion will get two expansions of its own with the Louis Tully Plazm Phenomenon: Expansion Pack (who doesn’t LOVE Rick Moranis!!), and the Slimer Sea Fright: Expansion Pack. Teamwork will be key and remember, bustin’ makes you feel good!


  • Total Recall: The Official Tabletop Game: Nineteen days to go and nearly halfway to its funding goal is Total Recall: The Official Tabletop Game from Overworld Games! This title looks to capture much fidelity of the late 1990s movie while tasking players to compete as a member of the Federal Colony or the Rebel faction to take out the opposing factions leader and secure the Mars Colony for their side. The game also sports some “NSFW Cards” so it may not be one for the kids to check out. Age appropriate fans of the movie, however, may want to push/pledge this one over the goal.


Game Time Decision

“…I can’t go fishing everybody I know is watching the Orlando Wilson fishing show…” – Orlando Wilson Fishing Show theme

It’s Friday and time for another edition of Game Time Decision! This week we have a game for you that will have you telling the folks at work on Monday about the big one you caught over the weekend. Coldwater Crown is a game of angling prowess that is sure to have you returning to fish those honey holes again and again!


From the Website:Is that “victory” you taste in the salty air? You’ve secured your spot as a competitor in the world-renowned Coldwater Crown fishing tournament, and the contest has just begun! Will you be able to cast the right bait at the right time to reel-in the biggest fish? Will you be able to strategically balance your efforts at the different fishing locations to win the most trophies? Very little is certain on these frigid waters, but it’s guaranteed the fish will be biting!

Coldwater Crown is a fun and clever board game that captures the thrill of fishing in a tabletop experience. Created by acclaimed game designer Brian Suhre, it’s a game of strategic planning, angler’s intuition, and just the right amount of luck! Test your fishing expertise against up to three of your friends or hone your skills at the practice pond. You don’t have to be a master angler to win, but once your trophy count begins to stack up, you might just feel like one!

From RTHG Staff (Brandon):This game is one of those games that if you are a board gamer, which you are because you’re here, and you are even remotely interested in the theme…you have to have it. Just about 100% of our gaming group grew up fishing with their parents and grandparents so we were all pretty excited to see what this game was about a few months ago. We were entertained!

I won’t go into too much detail about the game here and instead direct you to our First Look and additionally our Impressions videos for the game. Watching both of those will give you a good idea of how the game flows. I will, however, highly recommend Coldwater Crown for both its very good quality of components and (most importantly for me) its strong replayable factor. Currently the game is out of stock, though you may find a copy if you dig around. Bellwether is having a reprint done with the current eta being sometime in November 2017. You can pre-order now on their website to ensure you get your copy.

Daily Die


In the stands, Imperial rules, lonely dice, and tell your tales…

  • Starfinder: Not looking forward to rushing to paint a bunch of miniatures to get ready for your upcoming Starfinder games? You’re in luck as Paizo has released the Core Rulebook Pawn Collection! What is this you ask? It is a a collection of 100 cardstock standees with bases that depict various denizens of the Starfinder universe. Also included are 15 cardstock standees showing various spaceships that players may use/encounter in their adventures. You can acquire your own copy at your FLGS or favorite e-store today and the PDF version will be available starting August 17th.


  • Star Wars Rebellion: The new rules additions for the upcoming Rise of the Empire Expansion are now available to download and become familiar with ahead of the official release! You’ll have a chance to learn more about the new Subversion mission and how it affects gameplay in time for the the end of this month when you will be able to purchase a copy. Long live the Empire!


  • Lone Wolf Adventure Game: Fans of LWAG rejoice as there are now appropriately themed dice with the release of the Deluxe Dice Set from Q Workshop! Head on over to the C7 store and pick up a set as they look ready to roll. Note, this author can not guarantee a favorable turn in your dice rolling luck.


  • Vampire: The Maquerade: Coming soon is a program from White Wolf that will allow players of the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG to contribute content for the system that they’d like to share with other players. The program will provide official looking templates into which you insert your content with the effect of it looking like official on the shelf V:TM ip product. Additionally the Storytellers Vault, as it is called, will allow those contributing to sell their works for a small bit of the profit. The official website is not up as of this posting though the site is supposed to go live sometime this month (August).


Daily Die


Flexible magi, have painting skill will travel, parking dinosaurs, and delivery may be futile…

  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: The newest class deck is out and it provides your beloved spell slingers with a bit more flexibility. The Magus Class Deck offers three new characters that shed the trope of wiggly fingers and cold steel not mixing by doing just so. No longer is that glowing magical sword+2 solely the province of the mundane! Look for this expansion at your favorite e-store or FLGS today.


  • Modiphius Entertainment: Modiphius is looking for a few good miniature painting artists! Primary work seems to be for miniatures for their upcoming Fallout: Wasteland Warfare as well as their Star Trek Adventure games. Interested artists are encouraged to email Modiphius at support@modiphius.com writing “FAO Jon” in the subject line. Your email should include high res shots of your work as well as your rates. Don’t worry about your location as they are looking for remote artists.


  • Dinogenics: Those of us that have watched Jurassic Park and thought “I can run that park much better than they did” will get a shot to prove it. Well, providing the kickstarter for Ninth Haven Games’ Dinogenics fully funds that is! Dinogenics puts players in the role of a dinosaur park operator/owner competing with other owners to create the best park. Players send their minions out to collect DNA from which they seed their park with dinosaur attractions. Note, it wouldn’t be a proper park if the dinosaurs didn’t try to free themselves and make meals of your employees and customers! Dinogenics is roughly 1/5 of the way to their goal with 28 days to go.


  • Star Trek: Ascendancy: Gale Force Nine has recently announced that hot on the heels of the Cardassians and Ferengi showing up will be the Borg (hopefully). The two aforementioned expansion factions are reportedly shipping to customers and stores as the GF9 crew leaves for Gen Con 50 which starts next Thursday (17th). A preview of the Borg will be at Gen Con 50.


Around The Table


Good Wednesday to you all and welcome to another installment of Around The Table! This week we have something for you card gaming aficionados that is sure to add to the atmosphere of your favorite game. Inked Gaming offers a sizable variety of card gaming play mats with themes that cover just about every category out there. They have a custom order service as well as offer dice bags, totes, wargaming mats, board game organizers, wall tapestries (can’t forget the walls around that awesome gaming table!), and more. The site also encourages budding artists that would like to see their work on gaming paraphernalia to explore their “Be A Designer” program where you not only get an avenue for exposure of your talent, you also pocket some of the sales of your work!

Daily Die


Totally nuclear, elemental control, twofer for D&D, and in the name of the princess…

  • Fallout: The Board Game: Awesome news (for me anyway!!) today from Fantasy Flight Games with the announcement of Fallout: The Board Game. Having played all of the computer game iterations of this IP I am super happy to see the recent love it is getting on the table-top front. Now if Bethesda will get off their rumps and make the MMORPG I’d bet set. This game sounds as though it captures the IP’s spirit in that players “will face a wealth of choices, deciding whether to pursue experience or Caps, collect loot or loyal companions, and progress the main questline or veer off to the vaults.” There is also what looks like a hefty dose of faction politics as well. The miniatures look great, the board looks great (hexagonal tiles that you flip to explore)…day one purchase! Fallout: The Board Game will be at a retailer near you in quarter 4, 2017.


  • Pathfinder: There is a new handbook out for Pathfinder that will allow you to to gain even more powerful returns from your grasp of the four. The Elemental Master’s Handbook offers more archetypes and character options for those with elemental affinity as well as introducing the genie binder prestige class that will have all the genies calling you master! You can find this handbook at your favorite e-store or FLGS with a PDF version becoming available on August 17th.


  • Dungeons & Dragons 5: The Tomb of Annihilation is all the rage recently and the folks at Wizards figured you are going to need some appropriately themed dice to go along with your delving. Coming soon are Tomb of Annihilation Dice which are a light green colored full dice set that have a likewise tinted dice tin that will retail for $19.95 (US)/$25.95 (Canadian). Look for these starting September 19, 2017. Also, for those of you that are partaking of D&D Beyond there is a nifty update that will settle long standing disputes! Now added on the details page of monsters and races is an audio icon that you can click to hear the proper pronunciation of said creature’s name. And the wave of “I was right” is palpable.


  • Unicornus Knights: Available for pre-order now from Alderac Entertainment Group is the english version of the Japanese game Unicornus Knights! Players take up the role of heroes intent on restoring Cornelia to the throne of Astoria after a hostile invading force utterly destroyed Astoria’s forces and claimed their lands. They will gather resources and build forces in order to oust enemy generals to set the stage for a final showdown between the princess and the enemy emperor. Unicornus Knights will go on sale at Gen Con next week and it will be at your FLGS on August 16, 2017.