Daily Die


Legacy characters, fighting in the shade, light in darkness, and teasing…

  • Legacy of Dragonholt: Recently the crew at Fantasy Flight Games published a character building primer for their upcoming narrative adventure roleplaying game. The steps involve choosing a race (of which there are six humanoid choices), your class (currently seven from which to choose), describe yourself (where you define your initial look, personality, ideals and background), and finally your skills (of which there are five types). Pretty straight forward and FFG does cite that even in the describe yourself section there are trait examples (if you’re shy) and those examples come also with associated game mechanic tie ins. Still no eta however you can pre-order if you are interested in RPing in the Runebound universe.

Hello. Me Crag. Like long walks and shiny rocks.

  • Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire: Games Workshop released Shadespire over the weekend adding the deck-building miniatures board game to their repertoire. If you are inclined to use the included miniatures in your Age of Sigmar games you are in luck as Games Workshop has also made available the conversion rules for Steelheart’s Champions as well as Garrek’s Reavers, both of the forces in the starter box. Promises have been made for the Ironskull’s Boyz and the Sepulchral Guard forces in the future with respect to conversion lists.

City of mirrors, huh? Man, I hope Sigvald the Magnificent doesn’t come. That guy…

  • Massive Darkness: So last week we mentioned a couple new expansions for massive darkness were on the way. Well, this week we get a look at the box art (oh, and there are some words too, but, the pretty box art, Mmmm!) for said updates! Enjoy!

Who likes new stuff? I do, I do!

  • Pandemic Legacy: Season 2: The new season on the way, it would be remiss if there wasn’t some cryptic artwork teasing the game that is both ominous and equally cool! That said, here you go folks.

Who are these masked men? 


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