Daily Die


More food, getting darker, and what scares a Darklord…

  • A Feast for Odin: The first (which means more??) mini expansion for A Feast for Odin has been announced by Z-Man games today. The mini expansion consists of two new exploration boards of Lofoten, the Orkney Islands, or down to Tierra del Fuego. The Lofoten board also has a new bonus as well: a weapon card. Currently no eta on this game update.

A Viking we will go, a Viking we will go!

  • Massive Darkness: A couple of new releases are on the way for Massive Darkness! These game additions promise to make things even darker. The Troglodytes Enemy Box, The Reptisaurians Enemy Box, The Warrior Priests vs The Spearmaiden Cyclops Heroes & Monster Set, and The Sorcerers vs Lord Tusk Heroes & Monster Set are their names and you should expect to see them as your FLGS or favorite e-store October 27th.

No, John, it was NOT my turn to bring the torch…

  • Lone Wolf Adventure Game: The first campaign, Terror of the Darklords, is soon to be in our hot little hands! The hard copy is available for pre-order and the PDF version is available for purchase and download now at the C7 store. The campaign is focus on taking your group “series of interconnected adventures in which they will uncover a nefarious plan to crush Sommerlund.” If that doesn’t get the blood flowing, well man, you’re dead!

You say it’s not Halloween yet? Ok, then yeah, we’ve been waylaid!


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