Daily Die


A new set, new trails, and a new Kings…

  • Star Wars Destiny: Fantasy Flight Games has a new draft for us to partake. No, it’s not a new beer…though there is something to the thought of a game company also being a brew house…no, it’s a new Draft Set called Rivals! Yep, Destiny now has an option to be played in draft and sealed events which means more competitions. This is (one) of the things that hyper competitive games like Magic The Gathering offers and is in part why it is so popular. I’m also curious to see how FFG grows in this direction as with the popularity of the IP it could very well take the game down the MTG road of success and spawn Thursday Night Destiny (Friday Night Magic™ is a thing and if you’ve been to a game store on a Friday evening you can’t miss it). Rivals is available for pre-order now.

Thursday Night Destiny?

  • Pathfinder RPG: A new map pack set is available and it promises tons of new growth! The Fungus Forest map pack has 18 new tiles that will set the scene for your next crazy fey king encounter in Pathfinder and I would think they would work also for that strange new moon you explore in Starfinder too. You can purchase the hard copy now via your favorite e-store or FLGS and the PDF will be available via the Paizo store this Wednesday.

Just because it looks like a mushroom doesn’t mean we put it in the sauce…

  • Kings of War: Vanguard: Mantic has a new title coming to kickstarter shortly in the form of Kings of War: Vanguard. Those not familiar with Kings of War, it is a game that essentially filled a void when Games Workshop decided to turn their large scale tabletop wargame (and industry leader) of Warhammer Fantasy into a pared down more skirmish style game that is now Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Kings of War then moved in to (arguably) the top slot for those large scale high fantasy battles. Vanguard looks to be a skirmish style version of KoW based on this introduction…which is great. I’ve not seen that Mantic is ceasing production or support of KoW so having both a large scale and a skirimish size (which skirmish is the”new” hotness in war gaming) can only be a boon.

It’s a baby KoW!

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