Daily Die


Tiny defending, surviving space, elven invasion, and samurai showdowns…

  • Tiny Epic Defenders: Heads up Tiny Epic fans as the Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War & TED 2nd Edition kickstarter is live! It is only 13 days long and currently at $134K of its $15K minimum goal as well has achieved each of its stretch goals. Its a tiny box so that can’t have too many stretch goals or else it won’t be so tiny. There’s also a legacy pledge of sorts open to folks who have a proof of purchase for the 1st edition of Tiny Epic Defenders in addition to the normal pledges.

If you have two pockets, then these two boxes should be in them!

  • Endure the Stars: Also new on kickstarter is Endure the Stars which is a cooperative Sci-Fi dungeon crawl geared for 1 to 6 players. The story is that you are part of a crew on a colonization ship and things went wrong. Bad wrong. Scientist decided it was a good idea to create a life form to explore the planet you were going to colonize. Said life form decides it isn’t so keen on that idea and instead that killing all humans and taking over ship sounds much more fun! So begins turn 1! The game also features some pretty cool looking miniatures which can easily be used for other gaming if you weren’t into its base game. Endure the Stars has met its minimum goal and is pushing forward into its stretch goals.

Hey, did you send that last holopic to your cousin Ripley?


Stay off my forest lawn!

  • Legend of the Five Rings: Fantasy Flight games has also officially launched their LCG Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game today as well! Players can now pick a great clan to serve and lead into conflict against the other pretender clans. You should be able to find the cards at your FLGS or your favorite e-store. Additionally FFG has made available the beta rules for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG they are working on! If samurai drama screams “right in my wheelhouse!” to you then you might want to check these beta rules out.

Serve you masters with honor, and you will prevail.


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