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Legacy characters, fighting in the shade, light in darkness, and teasing…

  • Legacy of Dragonholt: Recently the crew at Fantasy Flight Games published a character building primer for their upcoming narrative adventure roleplaying game. The steps involve choosing a race (of which there are six humanoid choices), your class (currently seven from which to choose), describe yourself (where you define your initial look, personality, ideals and background), and finally your skills (of which there are five types). Pretty straight forward and FFG does cite that even in the describe yourself section there are trait examples (if you’re shy) and those examples come also with associated game mechanic tie ins. Still no eta however you can pre-order if you are interested in RPing in the Runebound universe.

Hello. Me Crag. Like long walks and shiny rocks.

  • Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire: Games Workshop released Shadespire over the weekend adding the deck-building miniatures board game to their repertoire. If you are inclined to use the included miniatures in your Age of Sigmar games you are in luck as Games Workshop has also made available the conversion rules for Steelheart’s Champions as well as Garrek’s Reavers, both of the forces in the starter box. Promises have been made for the Ironskull’s Boyz and the Sepulchral Guard forces in the future with respect to conversion lists.

City of mirrors, huh? Man, I hope Sigvald the Magnificent doesn’t come. That guy…

  • Massive Darkness: So last week we mentioned a couple new expansions for massive darkness were on the way. Well, this week we get a look at the box art (oh, and there are some words too, but, the pretty box art, Mmmm!) for said updates! Enjoy!

Who likes new stuff? I do, I do!

  • Pandemic Legacy: Season 2: The new season on the way, it would be remiss if there wasn’t some cryptic artwork teasing the game that is both ominous and equally cool! That said, here you go folks.

Who are these masked men? 


Daily Die


More food, getting darker, and what scares a Darklord…

  • A Feast for Odin: The first (which means more??) mini expansion for A Feast for Odin has been announced by Z-Man games today. The mini expansion consists of two new exploration boards of Lofoten, the Orkney Islands, or down to Tierra del Fuego. The Lofoten board also has a new bonus as well: a weapon card. Currently no eta on this game update.

A Viking we will go, a Viking we will go!

  • Massive Darkness: A couple of new releases are on the way for Massive Darkness! These game additions promise to make things even darker. The Troglodytes Enemy Box, The Reptisaurians Enemy Box, The Warrior Priests vs The Spearmaiden Cyclops Heroes & Monster Set, and The Sorcerers vs Lord Tusk Heroes & Monster Set are their names and you should expect to see them as your FLGS or favorite e-store October 27th.

No, John, it was NOT my turn to bring the torch…

  • Lone Wolf Adventure Game: The first campaign, Terror of the Darklords, is soon to be in our hot little hands! The hard copy is available for pre-order and the PDF version is available for purchase and download now at the C7 store. The campaign is focus on taking your group “series of interconnected adventures in which they will uncover a nefarious plan to crush Sommerlund.” If that doesn’t get the blood flowing, well man, you’re dead!

You say it’s not Halloween yet? Ok, then yeah, we’ve been waylaid!

Around The table


Hey folks and welcome to this week’s Around The Table! This week we have a site for you that will help you bring the setting of that pitched battle you have been dreaming about into reality and onto your table. Titan Terrain Studio is a group of gamers that have a passion for making the terrain pieces that the rules need and that just make the experience look really cool. Ruined modern buildings, trees, space ship hulks, and ancient ruins are some of the pieces they do (there are many more!), all waiting to be shipped to you. Titan Terrain Studio also builds custom display boards for those times you need to put your forces on parade. Lastly, if you don’t have the time to paint your miniatures they can help you with that as well.


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A new set, new trails, and a new Kings…

  • Star Wars Destiny: Fantasy Flight Games has a new draft for us to partake. No, it’s not a new beer…though there is something to the thought of a game company also being a brew house…no, it’s a new Draft Set called Rivals! Yep, Destiny now has an option to be played in draft and sealed events which means more competitions. This is (one) of the things that hyper competitive games like Magic The Gathering offers and is in part why it is so popular. I’m also curious to see how FFG grows in this direction as with the popularity of the IP it could very well take the game down the MTG road of success and spawn Thursday Night Destiny (Friday Night Magic™ is a thing and if you’ve been to a game store on a Friday evening you can’t miss it). Rivals is available for pre-order now.

Thursday Night Destiny?

  • Pathfinder RPG: A new map pack set is available and it promises tons of new growth! The Fungus Forest map pack has 18 new tiles that will set the scene for your next crazy fey king encounter in Pathfinder and I would think they would work also for that strange new moon you explore in Starfinder too. You can purchase the hard copy now via your favorite e-store or FLGS and the PDF will be available via the Paizo store this Wednesday.

Just because it looks like a mushroom doesn’t mean we put it in the sauce…

  • Kings of War: Vanguard: Mantic has a new title coming to kickstarter shortly in the form of Kings of War: Vanguard. Those not familiar with Kings of War, it is a game that essentially filled a void when Games Workshop decided to turn their large scale tabletop wargame (and industry leader) of Warhammer Fantasy into a pared down more skirmish style game that is now Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. Kings of War then moved in to (arguably) the top slot for those large scale high fantasy battles. Vanguard looks to be a skirmish style version of KoW based on this introduction…which is great. I’ve not seen that Mantic is ceasing production or support of KoW so having both a large scale and a skirimish size (which skirmish is the”new” hotness in war gaming) can only be a boon.

It’s a baby KoW!

Around The Table


Hello all and happy mid-week! Most if not all fantasy RPG gamers know that if you ask a dwarf “who builds it best” they will look at you like you’re slow and then exclaim “E’ry one knows dwarfs do!”. The folks over at Dwarven Forge will certainly tell you so too! From Dungeon to Tavern, Away mission to Ten Forward™ the crew at Dwarven Forge have you covered if you want to represent your gaming environments in 3D. They also have links to painting tutorials for their pieces for those new to painting and want to get the most out of their Dwarven Forge terrain.

Daily Die


Morning options, and which witch…

  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: More news on the new sourcebook that is coming from a galaxy far, far away today as we get a slight peek between the hyperdrives! Dawn of Rebellion is the name and its influence is inspired by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™ and the Star Wars Rebels™. The book has six universal specializations along with narrative to nit an air tight backstory for your characters. Also within its pages are four new species that can be chosen by players, each with their own unique traits and history. Dawn of Rebellion will be available in quarter 4 of 2017.

How many Jawas does it take to screw in a power converter?

  • Pathfinder RPG: A new player companion is available in the form of Blood of the Coven for Pathfinder! This companion is explores everything it is to be a witch in Golarion, be you a Theodora or a Glinda. This game update contains a more detailed look into changelings, new witchcraft and hag oriented archetypes, and more spells and rituals than you can shake a broomstick at. It’s what every skilled witch needs before Halloween gets here!

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and caldron bubble…

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Only the lonely…

  • Star Wars Destiny: Fantasy Flight Games has announced today a new set of starter sets and boosters for Star Wars Destiny. Legacies has a 160 card booster set along with starter sets featuring Luke Skywalker and another with Boba Fett! Additionally in this new set we will see a new die symbol as well as a new card type. You can pre-order any or all of these at your FLGS or via FFG’s website.

Game Time Decision

“We’ve done our duty. Andy’s grown up.”Sarge (Toy Story)

The wonderful thing about this week’s Game Time Decision is that even if you are a grown up this game reminds you that you are never too old to play with toy sized troops! Windup War will have your game group trying to out fox each other in order to claim total victory!


From the Website: When the kids are away, the toys come out to play…AND FIGHT! Welcome to ””Windup War””! Turn the keys and spring into battle! Assemble your army of toys, then command them in combat to be the last army standing! Ready? WINDUP THE WAR!

In Windup War you plan your army’s course of action to take down the armies surrounding you! Program your units’ actions and strategically snipe your targets! Be the last toy army standing to win!

Windup War features adorably toyetic graphics in miniature and portable packs! Each faction is a super-cute size, and is ready to fight wherever you go. With six different units per faction, each with unique weapons, there are dozens of configurations for your army; try different combinations to find your favorite strategy! Windup War is easy to pick up and quick to play, with a playtime of about 15-30 minutes for 2-6 players.

From RTHG Staff (Brandon): When this game was first placed on the table for game night it instantly gave me one of those “Christmas morning” warm smiles. I grew up with all kinds of toy soldiers, many of which are closely depicted in the artwork for Windup War. Truth be told I still do some war gaming and with past and present history detailed it was no mystery that I would find this game appealing.

The game has six factions which play with their own level of uniqueness. Each turn you choose 5 cards from your hand and place them face down in front of you in a “1 through 5” order based on which cards you want to kick off first. There are many various effects outside of dealing damage which allows for significant choice in how you want attack your foes. Once everyone is set you simultaneously flip your cards in order and watch the mayhem unfold!

Sounds simple? Well, it certainly is…to learn. There is most assuredly a level of strategy behind card choice and programming (order) choice that makes Windup War a game I think is very favorable to many replays to figure out different card synergies (which are influenced by your draw which means you need to find multiple pairings/orderings).

If you saw our Impressions on Windup War you may have noted that Lucas mentioned that players can be eliminated before game end. He said that it wasn’t such an issue for him as the games don’t take very long. I absolutely agree. The downtime experienced upon elimination I found of strengthened my desire to play the next game and adjust the choices I made in the last game.

This game’s relatively small size makes it a great travel game as well. My sincere hope is that Katie Khau and Jessica Chu are working up other factions to add to this base game. Windup War will get your game night in gear!