Daily Die


Preview of future, color battle, how you conquer, and don’t touch my cheese…

  • Pandemic Legacy: Season 2: Excited about the upcoming second season of Pandemic? Of course you are! Z-Man knows this and has penned a preview of some of the ways you and your team can affect the world in Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. Delivering supplies to help keep mankind alive, and doing some recon to find various game resources to aid your cause will be a significant part of your mission. There is still no eta other than soon and you can pre-order the game now at your FLGS.

Timely aid to areas of disaster makes all the difference!

  • RWBY Combat Ready: Arcane Wonders has partnered with Rooster Teeth of Red Vs Blue fame to bring one of anime’s highly popular series to a table near you! RWBY Combat Ready is now on kickstarter and is just about $45K from its original goal of $250K from funding after only 1 day (see, I told you it was popular!). The game aims to  “…captures the flavor and excitement of the series, with fast-paced battles, where all players are actively involved and engaged at the same time.” It’s Arcane Wonder and Rooster Teeth so this game should be interesting and good. Currently 31 days to go.

Do you….battle?

  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn: Fantasy Flight Games has a new primer up on the World Wonders in their upcoming title! As of now we know that the following wonders will be included: Chichen Itza, Kremlin, Alhambra, Estadio Do Maracana, Hanging Gardens, Petra, Venetian Arsenal, and the Pentagon. Check out the article to see more of what these structures can do for you on the road to glory. Oh, and obligatory nudge…more Alpha Centauri please!

If you build it, you will conquer!

  • Ratland: The turtles aren’t the only ones to rule the sewers. Take control of your own rat clan and vie to become master of the sewers in Ratland! This new game is on kickstarter and has reached its original goal and is tunneling ahead through stretch goals. Gather cheese from various location and make your clan the most populous. Beware, there will be danger. Currently 35 days left.

You dirty rat, you stole my cheese!


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