Daily Die


Warmameeples, and kingly revision…

  • Meeple War: CMON has recently given us a look at the upcoming Meeple War by Max Valembois! I found out something I didn’t know in that, according to the press release, Meeples started out as giant war machines used for combat. Meeple Battletech is certainly a thing in my mind! It isn’t the guiding story behind Meeple War, however, as you instead play a people called ” Lilliputians” that use Meeple war machines to gain and control territory while crushing your enemies beneath your giant Meeple boots. Meeple War will be available at your FLGS or favorite e-store on September 29th.


  • Kingsburg: Fans of Kingsburg are getting a rules touch up in the near future. Z-Man games has announced a revised edition of Kingsburg, their city-building game. This new version will have “the base game, all five modules from the To Forge a Realm expansion, and the brand-new Alternate Advisor Rewards module…” with the latter promising to add more paths to victory. Currently no listed eta.



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