Daily Die


Volatile potions, iconic decks, workin’ for a living, and protecting the flora…

  • Potion Explosion: Today CMON has a new expansion coming soon that is sure to thrill all of you budding alchemists! Potion Explosion: The Fifth Ingredient brings Professor Humblescore to continue your education with “Potions, Professor tiles, Reward and Scolding tokens, a Ghastly Cauldron, and a wild new ingredient: Ghost Ectoplasm!” Look for your copy at your FLGS or favorite online e-store starting September 29th.


  • Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Paizo has released a 109 card accessory for PACG with the release of Pathfinder Tales Character Deck. Included in this set are iconic figures Varian Jeggare, Radovan, and Celeste, all from the Pathfinder tales novels!


  • Gamelyn Games: The crew from Gamelyn games have just wrapped up their annual brainstorming retreat in Arizona today and fans of Tiny Epic should probably take a seat. They have just developed the next two years worth of Tiny Epic games folks! Rest assured your Tiny Epic gaming addiction has been taken care of for a while!

Michael Coe, Nathan Hatfield, Ben Shulman and Scott Almes

  • Runewars Miniatures Game: Nothing says forest warriors than some form of treemen or arboreal spirits to wreak havoc on those that dare enter the forest uninvited! FFG keeps that tradition rolling…or maybe ambling…with the Aymhelin Scions Unit Expansion for the Latari Elves faction. These forest guardians use all manner of vine and root to destroy the foes of the Latari, holding them in place to set up those flank charges battlefield commanders love. There are two Scions, each with a base, in the box along with all required cards and dials. You can pick up this expansion today at your FLGS and have it on the table tonight!



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