Daily Die


Mellow yellow, pre-training, and fantasy island…

  • Star Wars Destiny: FFG has the third preview up for the characters of their upcoming expansion Empire at War! This time we take a look at the yellow heroes and villains as well as a couple of Event cards. Very excited to see both Lando and Bossk appear in this expansion. Empire at War should be available any day now as this month ends the third quarter.


  • Bastion: Z-Man Games has started a primer for all of us looking forward to the release of their citadel tower defense game Bastion. They have put up the first of a series of puzzles that are intended to acclimate players to the game’s rules and help foster a bit of strategy.


  • Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: The next adventure path is in the Ruins of Azlant line is available so that you can continue your pathfinder campaign of Lost or Gilligan’s IslandInto the Shattered Continent can be purchased online or from your FLGS and is the second adventure in this series and is intended for characters of 4th level. You’ve established a foothold on this mysterious isle, now it’s time to see what else there is to explore!



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