Daily Die


Blood magic, fight schooling, not your father’s elves, a box for all, and board annihilation…

  • Runewars Miniatures Game: The forces of the locust swarm have a new champion to lead them to the destruction of their foes! The Kethra A’laak Hero Expansion adds this witch of the Blood Coven to the field to wreak havoc on the foes of the Uthuk. This expansion features both a mounted and dismounted version of the sorceress to suit your Ynfernal needs. Kethra sports two white dice for melee attacks and with the Bonecaster upgrade her melee attacks may be performed as ranged attacks. Very interesting! Pre-order is now available for this unit both online and at your FLGS.


  • Dojo Kun: A new game is on the way from CMON and it will have you and your favorite three friends locked in struggle! Dojo Kun pits players a Sensei’s of their own martial arts school and throws them into an ultimate showdown. Players will recruit students, train them, quest them, and then send the best of the best to tournament. Look for this game on September 29th at your FLGS.


  • Blood Bowl: Games Workshop has given us a preview of the full class picture for the upcoming Elven Union box-o-minis. For those uninitiated the Elven Union team consists of the various types of elves from the Warhammer world joined under one jersey. There is no eta on the miniatures but if you want to take a look at their rules you can find them in Death Zone: Season One which is out.


  • DC Deck-building Game: DC Deck-building fans take notice: The Multiverse Box is now available! Of note: “The multiverse box is 100% compatible with your entire DC Comics Deck-Building Game collection and acts as a convenient storage box with set dividers and foam inserts to store all of your cards!” It holds all the things!


  • Tomb of Annihilation Adventure System Board Game: Coming from the Jungles of Chult to your table is the Tomb of Annihilation Adventure System Board Game (say that ten times fast)! The game comes with 42 miniatures of which you can get in single color (Standard Game, $79.99) and fully pre-painted (Premium Game, $159.99) formats. The game is in the mold of their other board game offerings, can be played single player or from 2-5 players, and features new trap and spell decks to spice things up. Look for this online or at your FLGS this October.



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