Daily Die


In the chill of the blight, the long road, galactic bazaar, and unlucky building?…

  • Runewars Miniatures Game: Another unit box for the army of Waiqar has been announced in the form of the Wraiths Unit Expansion! This box has 4 wraiths on two bases along with the associated command tool and cards. Wraith units can pose a significant threat to one opposing force with their Undying Hate which gives a Mark of Vengeance to a single enemy unit. When a marked unit is engaged by a unit with Undying Hate the hateful unit gets to replace one of its die with a white die, which has extra sides and plenty of smacks to the head area! Look for this expansion box in quarter 4 of 2017.


  • Adventures in Middle-earth: Hobbits and Dwarves alike will be happy to hear that the previously announced new supplement, The Road Goes Ever On, opens up for pre-order tomorrow! The PDF version will go live for purchase on the same day. This supplement contains four large formal double-sided maps as well as more travel information about areas than you can shake a goblin at.


  • Star Cartel: Osprey Publishing has a new one on the way that takes the art of trading goods to breathless heights! Star Cartel is a space trading game that directs players to “take on the role of traders and smugglers, trying to maximise the value of the goods they have stockpiled, while minimising the value of other player’s goods.” The game additionally has a ship upgrading mechanic which we assume allows you to to it bigger, better, faster. You can order the game now and it is expected to be available from October 24, 2017.


  • Warehouse 13: The Board Game: Fans of the television series should be happy to hear that Warehouse 13 can possibly be coming to a table near you! Warehouse 13: The Board Game is currently on kickstarter with 30 days to go and just over 10% of its goal reached. The game is semi-cooperative at 2-5 players and has a fully cooperative variant with 3-5 players. Players take on the roles of the agents from the show with one of them being a traitor and working for the game’s antagonist. Both sides are competing to gather artifacts and the first to 3 wins. A full copy of the game rules is available from the kickstarter page if you are so inclined.



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