Game Time Decision

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” — Ricky Bobby

If you have ever had a desire to race camels, or to bet on the racing of camels, then this week in Game Time Decision we have the game for you! Camel Up is a dromedary contest that entreats you and seven of your closest gaming friends to step up to the betting counter and wager on which ship of the desert is the fastest!


From the Website:Place your bets with Camel Up, the hilarious game of betting on camel races. Winner of the prestigious Spiel des Jahres award, Camel Up invites you and up to seven of your friends to the wackiest camel races you’ll ever see. You each play as members of Egyptian high society who have gathered in the desert with one goal in mind: back the right camel and win a pile of money! Each round you can bet on the camel you think will win a leg or even the entire race. Just remember: the earlier you place your bets, the greater the potential rewards.

From RTHG Staff (Chip):Camel Up (Camel Cup) is a great game for mixed groups of gamers and non-gamers. It’s a party game with a board, and sure to be enjoyed during a social evening. Betting on the camels and cutting off your opponents is the name of the game in this light-hearted title. Nothing like watching your pick get carried across the finish line to victory by the one your friend was “so sure” had the lead.


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