Daily Die


Looking blue, MoO dating, unlocking Bushido, and more munching…

  • Star Wars: Destiny: Destiny fans have been given a preview of the blue champions that will be in the upcoming Empire at War expansion! Included in the preview are Ahsoka Tano, Kanan Jarrus, Grand Inquisitor, and Quinlan Vos. You also get a look at some of the upgrade cards for blue which will certainly keep your opponents on their heels (look at Kill Them All and It Will All Be Mine). We should get our hands on these soon as the end of quarter 3 of 2017 is almost here.


  • Master Of Orion: The Board Game: Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced a release date for their upcoming collaboration of Master Of Orion: The Board Game! September 6th will be the date that you can purchase a copy and begin your mission to conquer the known, and unknown, galaxy. The pre-release copies that were available at Gen-Con last week sold out so lets hope that bodes well for the quality and success of the game in the long run.


  • Unlock!: Fans of Unlock! that got to play the new demos at Gen Con (and those of you that didn’t get to as well!) will be happy to know that those two demos will be up for free print and play soon! Additionally there is a new demo on the way! This new demo, Kinkaku-Ji, is set in Medieval Japan. Currently there is not an eta so keep vigilant!


  • Munchkin: Steve Jackson games has a couple of nice additions to the Munchkin IP coming to us soon in 2018! Munchkin Magical Mess will arrive in January and will be compatible with all other Munchkin games. The Munchkin Collectible Card Game is set to launch in February 2018 and will have three fixed Starter Sets, each with one randomized booster pack. There will also be expansions in May (The Desolation of BLARG!) and also in August (Fashion Furious) of 2018.

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