Daily Die


Returning to the pack, stellar reinforcements, what happens in Vegas, and triple conflict…

  • White Wolf Publishing: The band (or pack or clan) is getting back together at White Wolf Publishing with recent news that Mark Rein Hagen has officially returned to the fold as part of the Vampire 5th Edition development team! Mark had a huge impact on the creation of Vampire: The Masquerade First Edition and I’m sure fans are keen to have him rejoin the construction process for this newest version. The good omens seem numerous and it will be exciting to see this newest version come together.


  • X-Wing Miniatures Game: The next wave, Wave 12, has been announced for X-Wing! This newest wave looks to continue to give some serious meat to the bone of the new hotness that is ordinance use (competitively speaking: ordinance has always been around just not really viable to focus a list around to often). Two of the three ships (Empire and Scum & Villainy) sport the Reload action which gives you a weapons disabled token in exchange for choosing any number of missile or torpedo upgrade cards and flipping them back over.  This wave consists of the Alpha-class Star Wing Expansion Pack (Empire), M12-L Kimogila Fighter Expansion Pack (Scum & Villainy), and Phantom II Expansion Pack (Rebel). Wave 12 will be available at your favorite e-store or FLGS in quarter 4 or 2017.


  • Vegas Wits & Wagers: Fans of Wits & Wagers will be enthused that the new expansion, Vegas Wits & Wagers, is currently plodding along on kickstarter toward its goal right now! It is important to note that this is a limited edition expansion. North Star Games states that copies will be made to meet the kickstarter orders plus maybe a few more copies depending on if they have leftovers they will sell them through their website, distribution or conventions. After those are gone, that’s it. Only one production run is being made. Hence, if you think you might want it the best way to ensure you get a copy is to back the kickstarter which has 17 more days left.


  • Radiant: Tin Shoe Games brings its inaugural game to kickstarter with Radiant, a board game where 2-4 players struggle to unite the lands of Perim!  The game will challenge players to “…draft an army of warriors including the versatile Radiant, assemble sets of units to show your strength, lead the war through the four realms of Perim to claim majorities on the map, activate assassins, pair knights with mounts, and claim mystic temples, activate arcane portals.” Radiant has met its minimum funding goal and is halfway through the listed stretch goals with 24 days to go.



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