Daily Die


More space opera, more mars, more darkness, and a message from RTHG Chip…

  • Star Wars Legion: So, this one is doing a happy happy joy joy dance as Fantasy Flight Games has unveiled a new miniatures war game! Star Wars: Legion is a tabletop miniatures game that allows you to carry out infantry battles during the GCW (Galatic Civil War for you uninitiated). The starter box has Luke squaring off with Vader with each commanding Rebel Troopers and Storm Troopers respectively. Each side also has a vehicle with the Rebel (scum) having an AT-RT and the Empire fielding two scouts on 74Z Speeder Bikes. It’s FFG so the troop stats are on cards that come with the box and logically in any expansion units packaging. This game may be the yang to X-Wing Miniatures’ yang for those wanting systems to fully play out the conflict on the table. Look for it in the quarter 1 of 2018.


  • Hellas & Elysium: FryxGames has advised that their much awaited first expansion for Terraforming Mars, Hellas & Elysium, has finally arrived from the factory and is now in the released status. Check your favorite e-stores or your FLGS to make sure you get your copy soon.


  • World of Darkness: All of you children of the night that have been waiting for the World of Darkness community website to become available shall wait no more. Granted, it is not fully launched however it is in a Beta state that allows the chattel to sign up. Your Prince needs a full accounting, and you don’t want to disappoint.


  • Fireball Island: He wants you to know that he is super excited that Restoration Games is remaking Fireball Island. He thinks you should go buy it when it releases. He says this sequel will be “HOT”. That is all.



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