Daily Die


So….today is actually the first day of Gen Con. It’s back to school time here and my head has been in a bit of a spin. My apologies if anyone freaked out and thought they were late!

Info WARS, campaigning officially, bloody cards, and just the facts…

  • Fantasy Flight Games: There are a couple of new releases from FFG today. Runewars sees the coming of the Latari Elves Army Expansion and thus a functional third army for the game which it desperately needs if they plan for Runewars to be a long standing tabletop miniatures war game franchise. We also see the what is in my view one of best parts of this game in the Essentials Pack which is the core rules sans two starting armies. No one likes having to buy a starter box for the rules and templates but with two armies you have no interest in playing. Last up is a new gaming mat for Star Wars Roleplaying. It looks neat and seems to be a nice addition for those game groups that don’t use miniatures and a battlemat.

rwm14_box_left rwm13_box_left sws38_playmat

  • Starfinder: Starfinder has officially launched (I should be getting my loot tomorrow hopefully…looking at you UPS 😛 ) and with that the first official Starfinder Society season is kicking off with Guild Scenario #1-01 The Commencement! This scenario is replayable and is designed to build familiarity with players with Absalom Station and the various factions at play. This PDF is ready to be purchased on the Paizo webstore.


  • Bloodborne: The Card Game – The Hunter’s Nightmare: Cool Mini Or Not has announced an addition to the Bloodborne IP with Bloodborne: The Card Game – The Hunter’s Nightmare. This expansion introduces two new gameplay features: Death Tokens and Runes. Look for this in quarter 1 of 2018.


  • Alien Artifacts: Portal has Opened up pre-orders for their upcoming title Alien Artifacts. This card based empire building game challenges players to “Build your ships, research new technology, and explore the galaxy for anything — or anyone — you can exploit.” It seems to have some 4X flavor to it and lists as playing in an hour which hopefully means a high replay value. Currently no eta listed, so soon!®



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