Daily Die


Charge of the wight brigade, civilized board gaming, getting the gang back together, and 1st cons…

  • Runewars Miniatures Game: Fantasy Flight Games has given us a look at the cavalry troops for the Waiqar army with an update on the Death Knights Unit Expansion box. This unit wielding one blue and two red attack dice when factoring their Impact keyword can dish out a respectable amount of damage. Their presence is something Waiqar commanders will take comfort in when facing the armored cavalry of those pesky Daqan military. This update also gives us a look at the Shield of Margath and the Obcasium’s Gauntlet, two items that will bolster your units and force your opponent to rethink engaging your Death Knights. Look for this expansion at your favorite e-store or FLGS in quarter 3, 2017.


  • Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn: Fantasy Flight Games has also announced a new board game with the reveal of Sid Meier’s Civilization: A New Dawn! This version presents players with an undiscovered land to conquer and gives them various agenda goals to accomplish that help push them toward domination. Folks familiar with the CIV games will find many of the multiple avenues toward victory you’d expect as well as the technology race that partly defines the CIV series. Look for this game to hit retailers in quarter 4, 2017.


  • Necromunda: Necromunda is truly coming back this time with the latest announcement from Games Workshop! The starter box will have the rulebook, templates and basics needed to play to include a starting Escher gang as well as a Goliath gang. Very interested to see the updates to the miniatures, especially the Van Saar! Currently no eta on this new new release.


  • HASCON: Hasbro is launching their first gaming convention this year with HASCON which will run from September 8-10, 2017. Tickets are now available so if you are near to Providence, Rhode Island or have wanted another excuse to travel to the region now is your chance. The con will allows goers a chance to play many of Hasbro’s games of all genre, and there will be a significant Wizards presence showcasing Dungeons & Dragons 5E, in particular the Tomb of Annihilation related material. The con will be (intend to be) kid friendly/family friendly with youngsters 2 and under having free admission. Additionally kids aged 3-15 can have an opportunity to audition for a Hasbro commercial.



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