Daily Die


In the stands, Imperial rules, lonely dice, and tell your tales…

  • Starfinder: Not looking forward to rushing to paint a bunch of miniatures to get ready for your upcoming Starfinder games? You’re in luck as Paizo has released the Core Rulebook Pawn Collection! What is this you ask? It is a a collection of 100 cardstock standees with bases that depict various denizens of the Starfinder universe. Also included are 15 cardstock standees showing various spaceships that players may use/encounter in their adventures. You can acquire your own copy at your FLGS or favorite e-store today and the PDF version will be available starting August 17th.


  • Star Wars Rebellion: The new rules additions for the upcoming Rise of the Empire Expansion are now available to download and become familiar with ahead of the official release! You’ll have a chance to learn more about the new Subversion mission and how it affects gameplay in time for the the end of this month when you will be able to purchase a copy. Long live the Empire!


  • Lone Wolf Adventure Game: Fans of LWAG rejoice as there are now appropriately themed dice with the release of the Deluxe Dice Set from Q Workshop! Head on over to the C7 store and pick up a set as they look ready to roll. Note, this author can not guarantee a favorable turn in your dice rolling luck.


  • Vampire: The Maquerade: Coming soon is a program from White Wolf that will allow players of the Vampire: The Masquerade RPG to contribute content for the system that they’d like to share with other players. The program will provide official looking templates into which you insert your content with the effect of it looking like official on the shelf V:TM ip product. Additionally the Storytellers Vault, as it is called, will allow those contributing to sell their works for a small bit of the profit. The official website is not up as of this posting though the site is supposed to go live sometime this month (August).



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