Daily Die


Totally nuclear, elemental control, twofer for D&D, and in the name of the princess…

  • Fallout: The Board Game: Awesome news (for me anyway!!) today from Fantasy Flight Games with the announcement of Fallout: The Board Game. Having played all of the computer game iterations of this IP I am super happy to see the recent love it is getting on the table-top front. Now if Bethesda will get off their rumps and make the MMORPG I’d bet set. This game sounds as though it captures the IP’s spirit in that players “will face a wealth of choices, deciding whether to pursue experience or Caps, collect loot or loyal companions, and progress the main questline or veer off to the vaults.” There is also what looks like a hefty dose of faction politics as well. The miniatures look great, the board looks great (hexagonal tiles that you flip to explore)…day one purchase! Fallout: The Board Game will be at a retailer near you in quarter 4, 2017.


  • Pathfinder: There is a new handbook out for Pathfinder that will allow you to to gain even more powerful returns from your grasp of the four. The Elemental Master’s Handbook offers more archetypes and character options for those with elemental affinity as well as introducing the genie binder prestige class that will have all the genies calling you master! You can find this handbook at your favorite e-store or FLGS with a PDF version becoming available on August 17th.


  • Dungeons & Dragons 5: The Tomb of Annihilation is all the rage recently and the folks at Wizards figured you are going to need some appropriately themed dice to go along with your delving. Coming soon are Tomb of Annihilation Dice which are a light green colored full dice set that have a likewise tinted dice tin that will retail for $19.95 (US)/$25.95 (Canadian). Look for these starting September 19, 2017. Also, for those of you that are partaking of D&D Beyond there is a nifty update that will settle long standing disputes! Now added on the details page of monsters and races is an audio icon that you can click to hear the proper pronunciation of said creature’s name. And the wave of “I was right” is palpable.


  • Unicornus Knights: Available for pre-order now from Alderac Entertainment Group is the english version of the Japanese game Unicornus Knights! Players take up the role of heroes intent on restoring Cornelia to the throne of Astoria after a hostile invading force utterly destroyed Astoria’s forces and claimed their lands. They will gather resources and build forces in order to oust enemy generals to set the stage for a final showdown between the princess and the enemy emperor. Unicornus Knights will go on sale at Gen Con next week and it will be at your FLGS on August 16, 2017.



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