Daily Die


Draconic narrative, man cows, faring in space, and fantasy fire fighters…

  • Legacy of Dragonholt: Hot out of the gaming think tank at Fantasy Flight Games is a new Narrative Adventure Game set in the Runebound universe called Legacy of Dragonholt. The game allows one to six players to build a character and take them through a story where they make critical choices that have an immediate and long term effect. Dragonholt is the first game from Fantasy Flight Games to use their Oracle System and will be available in quarter 4, 2017!


  • Blood Bowl: Chosen, Renegade, and Chaos Dwarf players rejoice: The Minotaur will be making his way to a pitch near you soon! Additionally the Underworld Denizens and Chaos Renegades will be able to pretty up their sidelines with faction specific coins in the near future. No guarantees your lucky will change!


  • Gaia Project: Z-Man Games has announced a follow-up to their game Terra Mystica with the upcoming Gaia Project. Players take on the role as a leader of one of fourteen civilizations that have recently gained a method to traverse from planet to planet. Having such ability and possessing a planetary green thumb, their civilization sets out to explore and settle the many wondrous planets of the galaxy. Colonize planets, build strategic structures and form federations of the planets you control as you march toward galactic victory! Gaia Project will be arriving soon.


  • The Brigade: You like ogres, elves and dwarves? You get a kick out of putting out fires? We have the game for you. The Brigade from Red Genie Games is currently on kickstarter and is set to allow you to act out your civil servant dreams in a high fantasy setting. Players take on the role of one of the games Fire Wardens and proceed to put together their dream fire vanquishing crew. Then, you guessed it, they go about the work of keeping the hamlet of Tindebox fire free. The Brigade has met its original goal and is working through stretch goals with 23 days to go.



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