Daily Die


Anti-social heroes, and a gathering of frogs…

  • Runebound (Third Edition): A new expansion is available in the form of Unbreakable Bonds for Runebound 3rd. This expansion forces the normally solo inclined heroes of Terrinoth to band together to face a threat greater than they could handle individually. It also introduces the new heroes Eliam (duel wielding rogue) and Tatianna (bow using huntress). You can find a copy of this expansion at your FLGS or preferred e-store today!


  • Flying Frog Productions: Attention all you fans of Flying Frog Productions games. FFP has announced DiceFest 2017 which will be “…two days of Flying Frog games, events, contests, tournaments, panels, and previews!” This event will be held in Redmond, WA from October 28-29. Being that close to Halloween I would imagine creatively themed costumes will be in order! Order your passes prior to August 31st and receive a discounted price (which the remainder can be used toward that upgrade to a first class on your flight!!!).



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