Daily Die


Viewing before, perceiving the past, version revisions, small announcement, and about freaking time…

  • Fantasy Flight Games: Monday brings us a couple of previews from FFG for Runewars Miniatures Game, and X-Wing Miniatures Game. First up is a look at the Deepwood Archers Unit Expansion for the Latari Elves who hold up to existing wood elf tropes. Unparalleled archers, they possess the ability to make a Speed-1 move after a ranged attack (provided they are not locked in combat) and with their Precise 1 keyword they get the effect of treating their attacking dice as if having one more full rank tray! The expansion also has upgrades that make these glass cannons a little less glassy as well. Next is an update showing the new Starviper upgrades from the upcoming Guns For Hire Expansion Pack for X-Wing. This expansion is a much needed shot in the arm for two ships (the StarViper and the Kihraxz) that very rarely get played even casually. Will it fix them completely? Doubtful. Looking at some of these upgrades, though, it should certainly bring them out of most players storage bins. Can pre-order now, probably see these at/right after Gen Con and Nova.

rwm16_box_left  swx73_box_left

  • Sherlook: A new game of high speed sleuthing is on the way from Cool Mini Or Not and Kaleidos Games! Sherlook dresses players as expert crime scene detectives and tests their powers of observation. You arrive at the crime scene, give it a preliminary once over. Pausing for a moment to speak with an officer, you look back to see the scene disturbed by an inept beat cop! Players will have two photos from a crime scene laid before them for which they will need to determine the differences between the them. Guess the number closest to the total differences and score! Look for Sherlook on July 28 at your FLGS or e-store of choice.


  • Talisman: Revised 4th Edition: Games Workshop has given a rough estimate of when you should be able to get your hands on a copy of Talisman: The Magical Quest Game (Revised 4th Edition). While I’m not sure it’ll fit as a stocking stuffer (unless you have special stockings!) so it just may be one of the wrapped gifts you receive around Christmas. The Portal of Power approaches!


  • Tiny Epic Defenders: Gamelyn has advised that they are now out of copies of Tiny Epic Defenders. Boo! They have also advised they will be launching a kickstarter for the next edition “… featuring all new art and graphic design along with a full box expansion THE DARK WAR.Huzzah!! More information to come soon®.


  • Star Trek Ascendancy: Better late than never! Gale Force Nine has announced this past weekend that the Cardassian Union and Ferengi Alliance expansions for their Star Trek Ascendancy game are nearly in the hands of players. The entire print run should be on a plane to their (GF9’s) distribution centers by weeks end and they will get them out as soon as they land.” This means you could see them in August folks. The game would surely benefit from the addition of these two factions at the table (three way games almost always see one player getting piled on). Having been one of the many that picked this up at Gen Con a year ago and expecting their (GF9’s) by year’s end claim for these two additions I was a bit miffed, as were others, at the delays and lack of communication (and pushing of other titles). Here’s hoping folks will begrudgingly still support Ascendancy as I’d hate to see interest in Star Trek board games take a hit over issues that weren’t IP related.



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