Daily Die


Very handy, the King’s Hand, and handling knights….

  • Hand of Glory: The kickstarter for Hand of Glory addresses a matter that for the most part ends in those that can’t buying another miniature and those that can basically doing what the HoG team is offering. Hand of Glory is a modular fantasy miniature line that has miniatures with magnetized wrists to which you can attach an array of weapons and shields based on what your character has accumulated. The idea is great with my only, and very spoiled, concerns being not enough variety in the initial line (only 9 heroes though they did try to cover the standard trope hero types). Realizing that the HoG team is only 2 people I can understand. I hope that they  do well enough to expand their team and grow their lineup (sci-fi and cyberpunk (think Shadowrun) style would be awesome!). With a month to go they have more than surpassed their goal.


  • A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game: The last article for A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniature Game covered the Combat Units that you will be commanding. This latest one covers the Non-Combat Units interact with the Tactics Board and through their own machinations support your Combat Units in battle. Fans of the books and the HBO series will be quick to tell you that many battles are often won leagues behind the field of battle!


  • Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done: DEUS VULT! Now on kickstarter and having assaulted and destroyed its original goal is Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done by Seth Jaffee and Tasty Minstrel Games. The game will be Deluxified which for the uninitiated to TMG it means lots of ugraded parts and features. The game involves 2-4 players taking charge of one of the Crusading Orders of knights to “battle with enemies, construct buildings, and train troops – all the while trying to be the order that has gained the most influence before the game comes to a close.” Armchair commanders ready yourselves!



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