Daily Die


Exploring an era, exploring the red planet, and exploring a a ruined island…

  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire: A first of its kind sourcebook is on the way from Fantasy Flight Games that can be used alongside any of the three existing campaign settings (Edge of the Empire™, Force and Destiny™ and, Age of Rebellion™)! Dawn of Rebellion focus on the years before the Battle of Yavin. If you’ve wanted to play a campaign during the time of the new Rogue One movie or Star Wars Rebels this book looks to give you the setting statistics you’ll want. Look for it in quarter 4 of this year.


  • First Martians: Intrepid explorers rejoice! News from Portal today is that those who have pre-orders for First Martians should start to see their games arriving soon as Portal has been shipping them since for about a week. So the equivalent of pressing F5 is running out to your mailbox every 10 minutes. Warning: Your neighbors will judge you and some may even call authorities.


  • Epoch: The Awakening: Orange Nebula has launched a kickstarter that initially made me think Gilligan’s Island on super competitive mode. Epoch: The Awakening is for 2 to 5 players and dumps them off on an island that is in ruins and is not very welcoming. Players are challenged to claw their way to the top by exploiting resources and gathering companions along the way in your hunt for relics and other items to help you seize control of the island. The game has 30 more days left on kickstarter and is currently $6k away from it’s $29K goal.



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