Game Time Decision

“Thus we never see the true state of our condition till it is illustrated to us by its contraries, nor know how to value what we enjoy, but by the want of it.”
― Daniel Dafoe, 
Robinson Crusoe

Happy Friday folks and welcome to Game Time Decision! This week we bring forth for your gaming consumption a title that allows you to play out those being lost on a deserted island “what ifs?”. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island strands you and up to 3 of your friends on an uncivilized island and tasks you with survival. Uncivilized, yes. Uninhabited, no. Beware!

Robinson Crusoe

From the Website: Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island is an adventure game for you and your friends to play as castaways on an uninhabited island. Your task is to build a shelter, ward off potential dangers, and complete the missions. There are seven different scenarios included in the box – they will provide you with new, more difficult, and curious ways to play!

From RTHG Staff (Chip): Buy this game! No, I mean it. Stop reading and go buy it. Okay, you’re still reading. This game is a crazy, perilous, nerve-racking, good time of exploration and survival. And that’s just the first scenario! Ignacy not only brings the world of Robinson Crusoe to life in this game, but he brings the whole genre of pulp adventure and perilous journeys. Time is so precious and needs are so great. Which things must you have, and which can you risk doing without? Throughout play you’ll find yourself desperately trying to press forward with your plans only to have new threats come out of the jungle to challenge you.

This is one of the few games I have bought a second copy to keep when not at the RTH Studios. It’s that good! It’s also just as fun solo as in a group and the scaling was clearly well-tested and well-conceived. The second edition even standardizes the box size to boot.


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