Daily Die


Expanding the States, cavalry of doom, and come with me and escape…

  • 51st State: Master Set: Portal games has recently announced the first expansion for game titled 51st State: Scavengers! This new expansion adds new locations, a new mechanism allowing you to search the discard pile for locations, as well as many new cards that give bonuses for your “Ruin” cards. Look for the Polish and German editions around June 7th and the English version will make the UK June 14th and the United States June 28th.


  • Runewars Miniatures Game: One of the beautiful things about the launch of a brand new table top war game with various armies is the rush of new units that we get to fawn over. Those Waiqar players looking across the table at their opponents Oathsworn shall fret no more. The Death Knights of the Waiqar are on their way riding their flesh eating Equis Cumir! The box contains 4 death Knights and two cavalry bases which will allow you to deploy them as 2 groups of 2, possibly as flankers, or as a single group of 4 in use as a line breaker or finisher unit. Look for these thunderous cavalry to shore up your forces this coming third quarter 2017.


  • Unlock!: Escape Adventures: Asmodee has announced that the first three adventures for Unlock! adventures will be hitting retailers in the United States starting June 1, 2017. Two of the titles are clear, The Forumla and Squeek & Sausage while the third adventure title was a bit difficult to make out. Very interesting!



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