Daily Die


Your daughter’s wedding day, sanguine power struggles, and no holds barred…

  • The Godfather: Corleone’s Empire: Coming to CMON Play stores this July is a pre-release of the new game The Godfather: Corelone’s Empire! Take on a role as the leader a NYC crime family and work to earn the praised of the Don. Do well and live in the luxury of the Don’s good grace. Fail and find yourself in the ocean wearing cement boots. If you are a fan mafia movies then most certainly, Bonasera, you should check this one out.


  • Blood Bound: Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new title that should give gamers who love nocturnal creatures that engage in social power struggles! Blood Bound is a game for 6-12 players in which players divide up into clans of vampires and are tasked with finding out the identity of your rival clan’s leader(s) and eliminate them. All is not what it seems, as would befit such a game of social intrigue, and you must plan your attacks carefully lest you injure a friend instead of a foe. Look for Blood Bound this coming third quarter!


  • Beat Down Wrestling: Up on kickstarter is a game for all of us who grew up watching professional wrestling. Beat Down Wrestling is a board game that allows you to choose from one of 10 wrestlers provided with the goal of bringing home the three coveted championship belts! Be you hero or heel, will you have what it takes to come out on top? Beat Down Wrestling is just under way as a kickstarter and currently has a way to go to meet its $37K goal.



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