Daily Die


Delayed fair, to pre-order or not to pre-order, and combat farming…

  • Unfair: Fair goers will have to wait just a little bit longer to visit Cool Mini Or Not’s Unfair as the title release has been delayed. The new release date will be May 5, 2017 which gives us all plenty of time to stock up on more peanuts and cotton candy accessories for the game!


  • Munchkin Shakespeare: Hear thee, hear thee! The last day to pre-order Munchkin Shakespeare will be Monday April 17, 2017! If you are even remotely interested in this version of Munchkin then it would behoove you to pre-order as Steve Jackson Games says that after this printing there the game “will not go back for a reprint any time soon”. Due to it’s subject matter they reasoned it would have limited popularity and thus planned to “let Shakespeare come in and go out quickly”. A reprint may happen but likely won’t be this year or 2018.


  • Get Off My Land: New to kickstarter and currently meeting its minimum funding goal and plowing forth into stretch goals is the game Get Off My Land by First Fish Games. A game of “Close Quarter Farming” pits players against each other with the goal of creating the most successful farm in the county by any means necessary! Raise cows, ducks, and grow corn and potatoes…just do it before your no good neighbors corner the market!



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