Daily Die


Kickstarter #1, kickstarter #2, and not kickstarter…

  • The City of Kings: Currently funded and rolling through stretch goals is a cooperative adventure game from Frank West and crew called The City of Kings. The game is played over 7 stories with each story consisting of a scenario or two where your characters trade for resources and explore dangerous places with the ultimate goal of destroying the force that has conquered your homelands. There are also optional objectives you can undertake if you want a longer play experience.


  • Star Eagles: Closing in on its funding goal of $16K (at $12K now) is the tactical starfighter board game Star Eagles. This game allows you to play as either the coalition of mankind called the Confederate Stars or the S’Sekai, a mysterious technologically advanced race as you battle for space superiority. Standard battles consist of  4 to 12 starfighters in a mission based setting. A point of note is that the game has an “open source unit building system” which allows players to design their own ships.


  • Munchkin: Steve Jackson games has announced a tournament series for their game  Munchkin! The Munchkin Unrivaled tournament series will begin this month at FLGSs all over the place so check ones near you. Involved in this series is a chance to win $250,000 in cash prizes and a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Additionally each FLGS that signs up to run this series will receive unique promotional Munchkin cards to hand out to players!



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