Daily Die


Unscattering your tribes, turning to the “D”, and decrypting demo…

  • Ethnos: Coming from Cool Mini Or Not is a board game with a world ravaged by war and inhabited by Giants, Dwarves, Elves and Centaurs. Ethnos has been announced today as showing up at your FLGS on April 21, 2017! The game challenges players to band together in order to conquer six kingdoms. Designed by Paolo Mori.


  • Pathfinder Beastiary 6: Paizo gives a look into Beastiary 6 via James Jacobs where we learn that we will see five new dragons come into play for our campaigning pleasure. The dragons are called Planar Dragons and are “the crypt dragon (representing the neutral plane of the Boneyard*), the havoc dragon (representing the chaotic good plane of Elysium), the infernal dragon (representing the lawful evil of Hell), the paradise dragon (representing the lawful goodness of Heaven), and the rift dragon (representing the chaos and evil of the Abyss)”. It is noted these aren’t just dragons you meet in the outer planes. They reside in the Material Plane and look to have the intention of reshaping things!


  • Cryptozoic Entertainment: CE will demo some of their games at Peachstate Hobby Distribution’s Speed Gaming 2017 hosted at the Wyndham Dallas Suites, April 12-14. This event allows retailers and manufacturers some face time so that both sides can make educated decisions. One game of notice will be CE’s upcoming Attack on Titan: The Last Stand so if you are a retailer or otherwise have a way into this event it would be a good chance to check it out before it hits store shelves sometime in second quarter 2017!



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