Daily Die


Sneaky peeky, retro kickstarter, and sneaky peeky two…

  • X-Wing Miniatures Game: This update is for our competitive playing Euro folks and it should be enough fuel to get you to play just a few more warm up games. Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look at some of the European Championships prizes that pilots will be vying for at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham June 2-4, 2017! The challenge coin looks nice and I really dig the deck tin.


  • The 7th Guest Board Game: Yep, you did not read that incorrectly! Fans of the early 1990s horror game that like board games will be glad to know that the creators of that game have launched a kickstarter to bring a board game version to life. The funding effort is in full swing and at the time of this posting it is just over $30K of its $57, 611 goal. This is a new journey for Trilobyte in being their first board game so here’s hoping that put together a fun game that’s at least as well received as their computer game version.


  • Starfinder: Paizo has released the data on the second of their two mystery races that will make their debut in the upcoming Starfinder RPG. The Shirren are an insectoid race that value their individuality and have an interesting take on the propagation of their species. Starfinder is evolving into a very interesting game in terms of the amount of character race choice players have considering the 6 new races plus the new variations of the core races from Pathfinder!




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