Daily Die


Red rebellion, ninjas in space, and frickin’s airships, man…

  • Star Wars Destiny: Fantasy Flight Games gives us a look at the red heroes of their upcoming expansion Spirit of Rebellion. Featured prominently are Mon Mothma, C3PO, and Baze Malbus. You also get the skinny on some useful tactics and risky strategies when using the red faction. Meh, rebel scum…


  • Starfinder: Paizo has recently announced a partnership with Ninja Division to produce a miniatures line for the upcoming Starfinder RPG. The miniatures will range from individual characters to space ships and will be pre-painted. While currently not sure of the significance it is of note the characters will be on round bases while spaceships will be on hexagonal. Does this mean special space based maps? We sure hope so!
  • Scythe: Stonemaier Games has announced a new expansion for their hit game Scythe! Called The Wind Gambit it will contain two new concepts: airships and resolutions. Resolutions tiles, you draw 1 of which there will be 8, add a twist to the end game and may influence choices throughout the game. Airships will be new miniature pieces with which to further extend your influence on the game board. Two airship tiles will be drawn at the start and all players airship will possess those abilities. Look for this expansion in quarter 4 of 2017!



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