Daily Die


Harmonious consultations, three’s a party, and sky pictures…

  • Star Wars: Force and Destiny: A new sourcebook is available for pre-order for all you Jedi Consular (and those of you who must have one of all the things!). Disciples of Harmony expands on the options available to those diplomats of the light side of the Force in order to achieve peace in most conditions. It also adds a sizable amount of gear and weapons, plus some vehicles and starships, as well. There is no Chaos, there is Harmony.


  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Unearthed Arcana: The latest from the Unearthed Arcana workshop brings a three new, ready for testing subclasses. The Paladin gets the Oath of Redemption, the Ranger gets the Monster Slayer, and the monk has the Drunken Master. As always these aren’t official so if you find a way to break them please let the folks at Wizards know!


  • Hasbro: Hasbro in partnership with Indiegogo and Daymond John (creator of the FUBU clothing line and a star of television’s Shark Tank) have announced the winner of the 2016 Crowd Funding Gaming Challenge. The winner is Cloud Control by Eugene Bryant from the Atlanta, GA area in the US. The game is a family friendly one in which the players twist and contort the cards in order to make recognizable shapes. Bryant will receive a $25,000 prize and a trip to Hasbro offices for “advice, mentoring and assistance” to make Cloud Control a retail reality.


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