Daily Die


Oh ho ho ho ho, two new from PEG, and bleak trees…

  • X-Wing Miniatures Game: The upcoming C-ROC expansion for the Scum faction in Fantasy Flight’s game marks the introduction of one of the IP’s most notorious characters: Jabba the Hutt. Jabba makes his intro as a crew card that requires two crew upgrade slots. What you get in turn for his fee is an extra use of all Illicit upgrade slots on the ship for which he is crew. Oh the possibilities!


  • Pinnacle Entertainment Group: Tomorrow is a big day for PEG as they launch kickstarters for not one but two new RPGs. The Goon RPG and Fear Agent RPG will both begin their campaigns to become full fledged RPGs on the hopes (and dollars) of existing IP fans as well as those looking for new RPGs with quirky character. The Goon has a 1920s/30s feel with a bit of Weird incorporated while Fear Agent is sci-fi, terror/post apocalyptic in nature. Very interesting!
  • The Grimm Forest: New to kickstarter from Druid City Games is a game set in the Grimm Forest, hence the name! This game pits players against each other as well as other cunning creatures of fairy tale fame in an effort to be the first to build three houses with out them being huffed and puffed or otherwise smashed to bits. The first to do so wins! You will of course have some help along the way from notable heroes of such as the Robin Hood, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood so fret not! This kickstarter has funded and is steaming ahead toward stretch goals.


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