Game Time Decision

” O that we now had here
But one ten thousand of those men in England
That do no work to-day!” ~ Westmorland

Up this week is a game that probably has the fastest play time yet of our Game Time Decision suggestions. The game is called The Duke and if you are a fan of chess, you’re welcome.


From the Website: In The Duke, players move their troop tiles around the board and flip them over after each move. Each tile’s side shows a different movement pattern. If you end your movement in a square occupied by an opponent’s tile, you capture it. Capture your opponent’s Duke to win!

From RTHG Staff (Brandon): I was turned on to this game by others on the RTHG staff a while back and was impressed so much at its simple presentation that packaged a game with great strategic depth. You may initially think “Oh it’s like chess”, and it is and it isn’t. There are different pieces like chess, and one of those pieces is the most important, sure, but setup and how the pieces play is different.

First, imagine that when you set up your pieces you only got a King and two pawns. Granted, the board is not as wide as a chess board and in The Duke you play from a “getting reinforcements” perspective as opposed in chess where you have your full force before you. The pieces also move differently. Imagine in chess if your bishop moved diagonally the first time you moved it, then had vertical or horizontal options (along that complete line) as it move the next turn. Yeah!

The other great thing about this game is that it comes in a relatively small package which makes it a great travelling game! You can find The Duke at your FLGS or online at the link provided above.

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