Daily Die


July with Jackson, MODing Gen Con, and hostile teeth…

  • Steve Jackson Games: This coming July looks to be full of goodies from the crew at Steve Jackson Games! We will see an update of Munchkin Oz that plans to have you backstabbing your way down the yellow brick road. July then takes a turn that feels more like October with a couple of zombie themed releases with Munchkin Zombies: Armed and Dangerous, Zombie Dice Horde Edition, and Munchkin Halloween Monster Box. BOO!


  • Modiphius Entertainment: If you are a fan of titles from Modiphius and you are planning on heading to Gen Con 2017 later this year AND you dig the idea of getting credit toward more of their titles then we have good news! Modiphius is seeking folks interested in being GMs (Gamemasters for you level 1s) to run games from a wide variety of their titles. You’ll receive $30 credit for each game you run toward games in their catalog, a t-shirt and 10% off vouchers for the players of the game you run.


  • Pathfinder RPG: The next volume is out for the Iron Fang Invasion Adventure Path  with the release of Fangs of War. This adventure is set for characters of 5th level and picks up the story of your bold group as it negotiates Fangwood Forest. Sometimes when you stare into the forest, the forest stares back!




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