Daily Die


Likes to go fast, mixing it up, and the river becoming an ocean…

  • Android: Netrunner: The latest Data Pack Station One is out and it teases to cater to those who value speed in exploiting various vulnerabilities of the Net. Keep in mind, though, that your targets will continue to do their best to stall you at every opportunity!


  • DC Deck-Building Game: Cryptozoic has released DC Deck-Building Game Crossover Pack 5: The Rogues. This expansion shows that Super Villians know all about teamwork and its value in taking down those pesky, meddlesome “Super Heroes”. “Teamwork” is in fact a new keyword that you will find in this expansion to help you in your quest for ultimate power!


  • Faith: The Sci-Fi RPG: The kickstarter for this just launched and is over half way funded. Faith is a science fiction RPG (I know, right, it’s in the name) set in a universe where the space faring races are full into exploring a large unknown galaxy. What’s waiting for you? Well, the typical “other aliens” and of course you will compete with the other rival factions and bandits. You will also encounter gods that will bestow upon you great and fantastic powers…with which you can reign death and destruction down on the aforementioned groups. Or make peace. It’s an RPG so anything is possible!



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