Daily Die


Batter up!, prepare to be invaded, and iconic pieces go the way of the Dodo…

  • Baseball Highlights 2045: Spring Training: Eagle Gryphon Games is full into their kickstarter for Spring Training which is most appropriate considering the real deal is in full swing! This introductory version is geared for 2 players and offers “an updated, revised and expanded Rule Book, Step-By-Step Play Example, and Reference Guide”. The game itself is the brainchild of Mike Fitzgerald, creator of the card game Wyvern back in the ’90s. If quick play card based baseball game is in your sweet spot, step up!


  • Pathfinder RPG: The Ironfang Adventure Path has started with the launch of Trail of the Hunted. This tale is one of survival that pits the players against and invasion force of some rather well organised hobgoblins. The players not only have to save themselves, but also many of their friends and family from their village. Written by Amber E. Scott this adventure path (1 of 6 in Ironfang Invasion) looks to be one to bring many hours intrigue and struggle to your game night!


  • Monopoly: Well, my friends, the verdict is in after the player vote to determine the game pieces that will be in future printings of Monopoly. Three iconic pieces have met their fate on the chopping block: the Thimble, the Wheelbarrow and the Boot. It almost has a Game of Thrones feel with such beloved pieces no longer being packaged. You could of course include them from previous versions of the game if they a dear to you. The T-rex, Ducky and Penguin will take their place.



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