Daily Die


Adventuring in digital, CMON gets more artsy, and more dead (print) rises…

  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Wizards has entered a joint endeavor with Curse to offer more digital online options for gamers playing their RPG. D&D Beyond is an official digital toolset that gives players and DMs access to rules, races, classes, items, spells and more. Players may also manage their characters there such that you never have to worry about leaving your character sheet. D&D Beyond is in beta at the moment however any and all are encouraged to participate.


  • Cool Mini Or Not: Another industry veteran has joined the CMON team with the addition of Adrian Smith as a Lead Artist. Smith has spent many years as an artist for Games Workshop with their Warhammer 40,000 game as well as some time working for Wizards producing artwork for Magic the Gathering. Recently his work has been seen on the board game Conan (Monolith) and also on a few CMON titles. The development house for CMON seems to be pretty stacked now and it will be interesting to see what board games come from them in the near future.


  • Steve Jackson Games: SJG is adding three new GURPS titles to their print-on-demand catalog with the addition of GURPS Bio-Tech, GURPS High-Tech, and GURPS Infinite Worlds. If you have wanted to get your hands on those now seems to be the chance. SJG notes that the three previous GURPS titles they initially offered were not selling in a way that validated doing print-on-demand. They are hoping that by expanding their catalog the sales results warrants continuing the service as well as expanding it.



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