Daily Die


Sick or Scyk?, not the Titanic, right?, and it’s always good to have friends along…

  • X-Wing Miniatures Game: FFG gives a look into the box of the new epic gameplay ship the C-ROC with some information about the supporting fighter that comes along with it. The M3-A isn’t new to X-Wing players however the 4 new aces included in this box will certainly give you reason to buy it (or more reason I guess) as well as invigorate your Me-A list building. The pilots are pretty nice and the upgrades that come with, most Scum and Rebel tagged, will offer up even more versatility to existing ships as well.


  • First Class: Z-Man Games has announced that 2016’s First Class will be making its US debut “soon”. The world of luxury train travel will be your playground as you manage your railroad empire. Do you have what it takes to be the world’s greatest locomotive baron? All aboard!


  • The One Ring Roleplaying Game: The Adventurer’s Companion is heading to your FLGS very soon! This companion collects player cultures from across many existing supplements as well as introduces a few new ones. It also brings a new Calling as well as a few other features. It is available for pre-order now so run out and do so…after second breakfast.



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