Daily Die


The Force is strong with that one, and that one, and that one is a mutant…

  • Star Wars Destiny: FFG has announced the Spirit of Rebellion event to take place at the beginning of April. April Fools? Maybe though considering the overall limited aspect of this game (meaning limited runs of just about everything thing in it) I doubt (hope) they don’t try to run an April Fools joke. The event is to get a preview at select stores around the world of the upcoming Spirit of Rebellion expansion. Players can purchase up to 3 booster packs (that limited thing again) so if you are interested you should find out ahead of the date which (if any) stores in your area are running this. You might want to camp the night before too.


  • X-Wing Miniatures Game: The FAQ has been updated for X-Wing MG. Based on the changes I have a distinct feeling we have seen the last of the very popular Dengaroo list (primarily use of Manaroo) and most likely a slow in the use of ye old Palpmobile. The update isn’t huge but it is significant, especially for tournament play.


  • Mutant Chronicles: The folks at Modiphius have given us a sneak peek at some of the artwork for the upcoming Dark Eden Campaign Book. I really want that huge blue sabrecat mount the guy in the front is riding!



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