Daily Die


Samurai showdown, insides out, I’m Batman, and “the Maid of Orelans”…

  • Rising Sun: The crew at Cool Mini or Not have a new kickstarter on the way from the land of cherry blossoms and tea ceremonies. Rising Sun is from the creators of Blood Rage and will have players taking on the roles of monsters from Japanese lore to do battle! Designed by Eric Lang with miniature direction by Mike McVey this looks to be a can’t miss title.


  • Numenera RPG: The newest transdimensional source book is available to order and is titled Numenera: Into the Outside. Dare to go farther, deeper and beyond!


  • Batman The Boardgame: Monolith has just announced at Cannes a plans for a kickstarter for a boardgame based on Batman! Based on the released images is seems the Joker will be the/a antagonist and that Catwoman will be prowling about as well. No concrete start date for the kickstarter as of now.


  • Joan of Arc: Mythic Games also has some big news of their own at Cannes with the announcement of their new game Joan of Arc! It will be at the 15mm scale board game that will include not only the relevant troop type miniatures but also the appropriate terrain as well. Mythic advises to look for the game toward the end of this year.



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