Daily Die


It tis your Destiny, Instant D&D, and Indiana knights…

  • Star Wars Destiny: FFG has dropped some news on their very well received dice and card game today. There will be a new run of the Awakenings booster pack for the game, however, it will be the LAST run for it, ever. If you’re interested you’d better talk with your FLGS to order you a box or be there when it arrives to grab as many individual packs as you want/can. This appears to be the going forward formula for future booster packs as well. Take note. Also there will be (thank the Hutts!) more runs of the Kylo Ren and Rey  starter sets as well. They will continue to be produced until new starter sets (presumably 2 at a time) are introduced, at which time their production will cease. Destiny will be a limited edition game. If you want in you need to buy the new stuff when it hits the market.


  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E: The folks at Wizards have penned some non-official rules that will allow those of you who like to mix your Magic the Gathering with your D&D. Plane Shift: Kaladesh  will allow you to continue your adventuring in the world of Kaladesh with new races, monsters and an aetherial take on crafting!


  • Relic Knights: 2nd Edition: Soda Pop Miniatures is cruising along in the fully funded kickstarter for the newest edition of Relic Knights. If an anime themed miniatures skirmish game that doesn’t use dice sounds appealing this kickstarter may be for you!



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