Daily Die


Struggling Struggle, Orc dentistry, and very big combat…

  • GMT: The latest edition of news is out for all things GMT and of particular note is that their process of upgrading the Collector’s Edition of Twilight Struggle is, well, struggling. It seems they are manually inserting the CE stuff into the regular boxes that are very stuffed as is, which is causing a delay. They are currently about 7 days away from being ready to sell the rest of the CE’s so if you were looking to purchase and couldn’t, now you know. Mark your calendar!


  • Modiphius: Co-publisher Modiphius has announced a new board game that is about to make its way to kickstarter (and hopefully to our tables). Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder by Ian Schofield will begin its kickstarter run next week! The games centers around the players as orcs in a quest to see who can gather the most “teef”. Orc dentistry at its finest!
  • Dungeons & Dragons: The latest Unearthed Arcana brings a new ruleset for having mass combat in your campaigns (if you haven’t already created house rules). Wizards listened to player requests and generated these rules and are asking for us to test them out to be following with a pop quiz in the next UA! Hop to it! Fireballs for everyone!




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