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It tis your Destiny, Instant D&D, and Indiana knights…

  • Star Wars Destiny: FFG has dropped some news on their very well received dice and card game today. There will be a new run of the Awakenings booster pack for the game, however, it will be the LAST run for it, ever. If you’re interested you’d better talk with your FLGS to order you a box or be there when it arrives to grab as many individual packs as you want/can. This appears to be the going forward formula for future booster packs as well. Take note. Also there will be (thank the Hutts!) more runs of the Kylo Ren and Rey  starter sets as well. They will continue to be produced until new starter sets (presumably 2 at a time) are introduced, at which time their production will cease. Destiny will be a limited edition game. If you want in you need to buy the new stuff when it hits the market.


  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E: The folks at Wizards have penned some non-official rules that will allow those of you who like to mix your Magic the Gathering with your D&D. Plane Shift: Kaladesh  will allow you to continue your adventuring in the world of Kaladesh with new races, monsters and an aetherial take on crafting!


  • Relic Knights: 2nd Edition: Soda Pop Miniatures is cruising along in the fully funded kickstarter for the newest edition of Relic Knights. If an anime themed miniatures skirmish game that doesn’t use dice sounds appealing this kickstarter may be for you!


Daily Die


Let’s go fly a TIE, have fun protecting the castle, and not so tame questing…

  • X-Wing Miniatures Game: FFG continues calling upon tournament winners to pen some advice to those interested in picking up this game but that are not real sure where to start. This time it is the current world champ, Nand Torfs (<–perfect SW name by the way!) who gives us his ideas on where a new player should start.


  • Z-Man Games: A new game from Z-Man is set to enter our gaming libraries in the form of Bastion! The game is a one to four player board game mimicking the popular tower defense style games we are familiar with by sending hordes of monsters at you. Look for Bastion to hit shelves sometime in the second quarter of 2017.


  • Adventures in Middle-Earth: A new release is on the horizon for this RPG in the form of Adventures in Middle-Earth: Wilderland Adventures. This book holds seven ready to play adventures that can be played individually or joined together to form a hefty campaign! Pre-orders will be available soon to be followed shortly by a PDF option.


Daily Die


Struggling Struggle, Orc dentistry, and very big combat…

  • GMT: The latest edition of news is out for all things GMT and of particular note is that their process of upgrading the Collector’s Edition of Twilight Struggle is, well, struggling. It seems they are manually inserting the CE stuff into the regular boxes that are very stuffed as is, which is causing a delay. They are currently about 7 days away from being ready to sell the rest of the CE’s so if you were looking to purchase and couldn’t, now you know. Mark your calendar!


  • Modiphius: Co-publisher Modiphius has announced a new board game that is about to make its way to kickstarter (and hopefully to our tables). Ravage: Dungeons of Plunder by Ian Schofield will begin its kickstarter run next week! The games centers around the players as orcs in a quest to see who can gather the most “teef”. Orc dentistry at its finest!
  • Dungeons & Dragons: The latest Unearthed Arcana brings a new ruleset for having mass combat in your campaigns (if you haven’t already created house rules). Wizards listened to player requests and generated these rules and are asking for us to test them out to be following with a pop quiz in the next UA! Hop to it! Fireballs for everyone!



Game Time Decision

Daily Die


Expanding board game, Windsor knot attacks, and a relaunch…

  • The Expanse Board Game: Wizkids has recently announced a new edition to their catalog in the form of a board game based on the television show The Expanse. The Expanse Board Game will focus on politics, conquest and intrigue and be for two to four players. It is supposed to be similar to Twilight Struggle, but with a shorter play time. Look for it to arrive this summer!


  • Star Wars The Card Game: The latest Force Pack has arrived at stores in the form of Power Of The Force! The fifth in the Opposition cycle this pack bring more Imperial love to TIE Fighter filled decks with with another objective set which in part will allow you to get your TIEs in the air faster and do some increased damage to boot. Stay on target!


  • Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: The kickstarter for this title from Gamelyn Games, as many of you who were following it know, was cancelled  recently. Never fear as there are plans to relaunch it this coming May 4th. Gamelyn cancelled the kickstarter, which had already funded nearly 3 times over, essentially to provide a better product and also, to the happiness of all interested, lower the prices on their pledge levels! More polish and lower cost should equal an even bigger win.


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Epic scum, i am the munchkin, and don’t call it a come back…

  • X-Wing Miniatures Games: Fantasy Flight Games gives us a preveiw of the first epic play ship for the Scum and Villainy faction, the C-ROC Cruiser. An interesting (and well appreciated) point is that even with its epic play line for Scum FFG is continuing the “tricksy” angle and not over lapping into the realm of tactics employed by the other two factions. No current date but pre-order is available. (and yes, I have)


  • Munchkin Apocalypse: Steven Jackson Games has announced the next booster pack release for Munchkin Apocalypse with Judge Dredd! This 15 card pack has loot like the Judge’s Badge and will give you license to let out a bellowing “I AM THE LAW!” with supreme authority. SJG advises that we can pick up this pack later this month at your FLAGS (friendly law-abiding game store).


  • Talisman: The recent split of the working relation between Fantasy Flight games and Games Workshop has given new life to the aged Talisman board game. Games Workshop has announced that a new addition of the game is in the works and will be released later this year. Roll to Move is not dead yet!


Game Time Decision

“Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, EVER cut a deal with a dragon.”

This week in Game Time Decision we take you to a dystopian future where magic has fused with machine. The world of Shadowrun sees megacorporation essentially running the world and the gap between the haves and have-nots puts the grand canyon to shame. Below the have-nots are shadowrunners, deniable assets who do the dirty jobs that people and corporations need done but can’t afford the PR hit if things go bad. In Shadowrun Crossfire you and three other friends are one such team…and things are certainly going to go bad.


From the Website: Shadowrun: Crossfire is a deck-building game in one of the most popular game settings of all time. Crossing cyberpunk with fantasy and plunging players into a world dominated by ruthless megacorporations, Crossfire gives players the chance to dive into the world’s shadows to see if they can survive. They’ll have weapons, spells, contacts, and gear to help them out, and they’re going to need those resources. If they play their cards right, though, they’ll do more than survive–they’ll become legends.

From RTHG Staff (Brandon): Full disclosure I love the Shadowrun IP more than I love Star Wars. It is, without a doubt, my favorite gaming universe, ever. The world of Shadowrun is hyper deadly and it is reflected in this deck building game from Catalyst. The game’s mechanics accurately reflect the urgency of a team on a time sensitive run (read: mission) and the level of challenge placed on  the players is one of the toughest I have experienced. Kingdom Death: Monster is probably the toughest board game I’ve experienced and right behind it I’d put the Pandemic line of games and this one.

I also think that Catalyst got it right with the aesthetics as the artwork gets it right in bringing the players into the world of Shadowrun. Anyone familiar with the RPG should no doubt feel at home when looking at the various ability and gear cards.

The game’s cards heavily lean on the idea of cooperation between players and finding that opportune time to collaborate. Crossfire is certainly a game that you can’t sit back and play passively. If you are looking for a test of the mettle of your game group to function as a team Crossfire is your game.


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Giant fights, expand your mind gaming, and attack of the killer robots…

  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E: Wizards has released a new board game today which tasks players to become giants for a battle royale of large proportions. Assault of the Giants lets players command giants to raid settlements for important resources. Each faction of giants has a super secret objective as well. Okay, it’s not really secret, most things with giants aren’t!


  • Pathfinder RPG: The newest Player Companion for Pathfinder is now available for order in print version and will be available in pdf on February 22nd. Psychic Anthology allows players new ways to sharpen their psychic skills with more tomes, scrolls and other items to accumulate. It also offers new archetypes for every occult class as well a more rules to further fill out all things psychic!


  • Cryptozoic Entertainment: The folks at Cryptozoic are set to launch their newest kickstarter for the board game Giant Killer Robots: Heavy Hitters. It is a “New miniatures board game set in the world of Giant Killer Robots”.I mean, really, what more do you need?! Look for the kickstarter on February 22nd!